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  • Posted by: wlldbuddy Age: 57 (19 then) Posted on: 20 Feb 2018 3 comments
    4 likes 169 views Category: Masturbation Male-Male Tags: Male-Male, Masturbation Male-Male, college, roommates, dorm, mutual masturbation, voyerism, getting cought, guys

    One night, I woke up in my dorm room, and heard some rustling noises coming from my roommate's bed. I looked over and as my eyes focused, I saw the amazing sight of John stroking his cock in the moonlight. I hope this story gives you some good inspiration for good masturbation sessions! Enjoy.

    During my fre... » Read more
  • Posted by: Johnbriggs Age: 68 Posted on: 18 Jun 2017 0 comments
    1 likes 588 views Category: Masturbation Male Solo Tags: male woman, masterbating, voyerism,

    A park worker gets fringe benefits from his job.

    John had been working as a Gardner in the park for two years since leaving school. He loved summer the best because he loved seeing all the girls in skimpy dresses and skirts. Heavy petting sessions where a common sight and he had many a good wank watching them. ... » Read more
  • Posted by: Anonymous Author: Anon Age: Early teens then Posted on: 22 Apr 2015 1 comments
    5 likes 6142 views Category: Masturbation Male-Female Tags: Teasing, exhibitionism, voyerism,
    Sometimes the biggest turn-ons are the implied and the veiled.
    My fondness for the art of teasing dates back to when I first discovered girls. I love to be teased by women, but returning the favor can be a rewarding experience as well. I think it was borne from an early interest in exhibitionism, which I developed when ... » Read more
  • Posted by: SoloTouchArchive Author: anon Age: 71 Posted on: 12 May 2006 0 comments
    0 likes 344 views Category: Masturbation Male Solo Tags:
    With no biblical or other scriptural evidence that masturbation is a sin, it's quite likely that every religious leader in history jacked off. The natural desire for privacy was mistaken for a self judgement of evil. The absence of this brought a 'confessional' state of voyerism to many. ................................ » Read more
  • Posted by: SoloTouchArchive Author: NK Age: 18 Posted on: 10 Jan 2006 0 comments
    0 likes 632 views Category: Masturbation Male-Female Tags:
    I attend a large college which holds many dance and acting classes. The girls in these classes are absolutely phenomenally beautiful and I often find myself wanking over the thought of them. During a free period between classes I was walking down a corridor that was empty, there seemed to be very few classes on at the... » Read more
  • Posted by: SoloTouchArchive Author: admin Posted on: 23 Mar 2005 0 comments
    1 likes views Category: Tags:
    by vasomon this is new to me. i have never written such personal, [and exciting] prose before. i have been reading some stories on your site, and i have to say i get hard reading. in fact i have visited your site three times. and i have had three very intense orgasms. i began masturbating about age 13 after a friend t... » Read more
  • Posted by: SoloTouchArchive Author: atlanta_ten Posted on: 18 May 2003 1 comments
    0 likes views Category: Sex Stories In Public Tags:
    growing up in south florida in the late 70's early 80's, in an environment that was very permissive and open sexually, I started going to adult theaters at an early age.... like 18...the sexually charged atmosphere of the theater was an incredible turn on for me... although I was sexually active with girlfriends from h... » Read more
  • Posted by: SoloTouchArchive Author: admin Posted on: 22 Jan 1998 0 comments
    0 likes views Category: Tags:
    Keyhole by AnonymousI am a junior in college and I live with two other guys, Joey and Lee. Welive off campus in a house in town. Its a pretty nice house. It's old, buthas been recently redone. I really like the house, because it gives me theprivacy of my own room in order to jack off, look at porno mags, andwhateve... » Read more

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