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Watching My Colllege Roommate

Posted by: Age: 57 (19 then) Posted on: 3 comments
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One night, I woke up in my dorm room, and heard some rustling noises coming from my roommate's bed. I looked over and as my eyes focused, I saw the amazing sight of John stroking his cock in the moonlight. I hope this story gives you some good inspiration for good masturbation sessions! Enjoy.


During my freshman year, I spent some time secretly admiring my roommate and his hot body. Being bisexual, I was always looking for an opportunity to share sex. I had a beautiful girlfriend. So did my roommate. But his lean muscular body always got my attention.

One night, I had gone to bed relatively early, before John had returned to the room. I woke up to a dark room and heard some rustling sounds coming from John's bed. I quietly turned my head and focused my eyes and could see his pale body lighted by the street lights coming in the big dorm window. He had the covers pulled down. I could clearly see his dark bush and he was stroking a large cock. (His penis was big flacid, which is all I saw before this night.)

My pulse immediately quickened. I felt an adrenline surge in my chest and my loins. I kept my eyes squinted so he would not know I was awake if he looked over at me. I wanted this to last as long as possible and did not wat to interrupt this amazing momemt!

He was slowly stroking his cock with his thumb and two fingers. With his other hand he was going back and forth between his chest and nipples to his balls. His breath was slow and steady, just like his stroking. I quickly became erect and wanted to jack my cock so bad. But I didn't dare do anything to scare him and make him stop. I had fantasized about catching him masturbating, and even masturbating in front of each other. But he never mentioned the subject and neither did I.

I quietly moved my hand to my cock. I couldn't stand not touching myself while wathcing this electric scene. I gently started brushing the hot spot right under the head of my throbbing dick. I was able to lightly rub this way without noticable movement or noise.

I kept watching John rub his body all over. He was really getting into it. Did he know I was watching? I was getting more and more turned on, My hear was beating faster and my cock was on fire.

John licked his fingers and swirled them around his head as he pinched a nipple. I was in heaven. My finger kept grazing across the nub on the underside of my hard penis. I did my best to keep my breathing steady.

Then John started to stroke a little faster and his breathing became ragged. My head started to whirl. I could barely take this. His legs were spred wide, and the dim light illuminated his large cock and abs and smooth chest. I had an unbelively perfect view. His legs spred wider and he was rubbing his dick faster. Pinching a nipple hard he let out a soft grun and kept stroking faster. I started to see stars and my balls tightend up. I felt hot precum drip out of my cock tip as I continued to rub the magic spot with no noticable motion under my covers. This light, restained touching with one finger was about to make me explode.

John took a deep breath in had held it as his whole body tightened up. He had his cock in full grip now and I could see his toes curl. I kept the same rhythm of lightly rubbing over the spot with my index finger. I could feel more blood rush to my throbbing cock and just as I saw John ejaculate, I was sent over the edge. Cum oozed out of my cock in a steady stream instead of spurting and I had one long, drawn out orgasm that lasted way longer than most of my best cums!

I just lay there in a daze as John pulled up his overs and went to sleep.

I never got a show like this again, but the image of John's hot body in the pale light has given me many fantasies to masterbate to, after that night.



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