About Solo Touch

Purpose of SoloTouch

SoloTouch's purpose is to help men and women develop positive attitudes toward their sexuality. Anything that you do sexually, that does not harm or infringe on the rights of yourself or others, is ok. In order to prevent harm to yourself and others, it is vital to have positive attitudes toward sexuality and to be well educated about how the human body and mind works in regards to sexuality.

One of the greatest hindrances to developing a positive attitude toward sexuality may be the idea of "normal sexuality." Most people have a desire to be "normal." But what does "normal" mean? There are billions of people on this planet and no two are the same. The idea that some are normal and some are abnormal is a bit silly. It is much more important that one's sexuality is healthy. And, when one chooses to share his or her sexuality with a partner, it is additionally important that the couple's sexuality is compatible. Developing positive attitudes toward sexuality will help develop healthy sexual practices and aid in a positive sexual relationship.

Developing positive attitudes toward sexuality can take time. It is our hope that SoloTouch will help you begin the process of undoing the effects of repression on your sexual life and continue to help you along your way. The readers' contributions can help you to become aware that your sexuality is not "strange" or "abnormal" and provide ideas for areas you might want to explore. The resources can help you learn more about sexuality and health and you can find tools to aid you in your journey.

Above all else: Have fun and be safe.

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