About Solo Touch

Focus on Masturbation

SoloTouch's purpose is to foster positive attitudes toward sexuality. The first ingredient in a positive sexual attitude is knowledge of and comfort with one's own body and sexuality. Masturbation is the best way to achieve these things.

For many of us, sexuality begins with masturbation. Evidence has shown that most people in the world masturbate. People masturbate as early as infancy and a late as late adulthood. Masturbation is healthy. It is safe. It won't cause hairy palms or acne and it won't cause HIV or other sexually transmitted diseases. It can help you in numerous ways: It is a healthy, positive way to release sexual tension. It teaches you about your body and your physical and emotional responses to sexual stimulation.

Becoming comfortable with masturbation, your body and your sexuality is the first step toward a healthy, fulfilling sexual life.

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