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Working as a Gardner in a Park

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A park worker gets fringe benefits from his job.


John had been working as a Gardner in the park for two years since leaving school. He loved summer the best because he loved seeing all the girls in skimpy dresses and skirts. Heavy petting sessions where a common sight and he had many a good wank watching them.
John had been keeping a watch on two young lovers who came to the park on most days. They always made for the same spot and would stay for a couple of hours before the park closed. It was an ideal spot for John as a bed of shrubbery provided good cover. Actually, he had made spot himself while trimming the shrubs there so he could have a clear view of what they were doing.
Today John was waiting for them; he had even brought his field glasses. Then he saw them (well her first); she had a buttoned up mini dress showing off her slender legs. He could see through his field glasses that she was braless and John started getting hard already. True to form, they lay down together in the same spot, kissing and fondling each other. The manís hand was on her leg and worked its way up, little by little. She had opened her legs and John could see her white panties. How he wished it was him with his hand up her dress. Watching was really doing it for him and he was rock hard by now.
The man left her legs and began feeling her breasts, playing with her nipples through the thin cotton of her dress. Soon he was undoing her buttons, almost down to the last one, before she stopped him going any further. John could see her breasts. They were not very big but lying down as she was didn't give him a good perspective. He could easily see her nipples; but then the guy was soon on them. His mouth on one and his hand on the other. She moved her body in response to the manís touch so John often saw her crotch and the dark triangle of hair showing through them. It was hard for John to stop looking down there. He so wanted to wank but his hands were shaking so much he needed both on the glasses to keep them steady enough to keep watching.
The womanís bum was rising and falling and the manís hand was now inside her panties. John guessed he was fingering her. As she moved around, her tits were now free and plainly in view for Johnís delight.
The guy undid the last button on her dress which allowed John to see her full body. John found himself grasping at his cock inside his shorts. Hands shaking or not, he worked on it while watching the two love birds.
The man was inching down her panties exposing her mound while running his finger along her slit. He occasionally slipped a finger inside her; she had worked her panties completely off. John could see her scrunching them up as he worked on her pussy. Through the glasses John saw her lips clasped round the manís finger, which was right inside her making circular motions.
John could easily see through the glasses that she was very wet. The man reached for her hand and placed it on his crotch. She was rubbing his bulge; it was huge compared to Johnís. The man was wearing shorts and he pulled them down so she could hold his cock. It seemed she was not used to doing it but soon got the hang of things. She began working his cock with long slow strokes while he was busy sucking on her breast and fingering her pussy. He had got two fingers inside her now and his trusts were matching the rhythm of her stroking hand. Both were lost in the moment.
John was beating his cock to the same rhythm and soon had a wonderful orgasm; it was so much better than any he had had before. By the time he had cleaned himself up and put his cock away, the woman was just finishing buttoning her dress.  He watched as they walked hand in hand away from the spot. John walked over to the place they were and spotted her panties laying where she had dropped them. John held them to his nose and inhaled deeply, once more feeling himself stiffen. He sat down and removed his shorts; he wasnít wearing anything under them. He slid the panties on, barely covering his bulge, and then put his shorts back on. He felt great knowing he had her panties on his cock. He wore them for the rest of his shift while daydreaming that he had just been playing with her.



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