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    SoloTouch Articles Index

    This page lists the articles that have been published or reprinted on Solo Touch.

    Original Articles

    • Flipping Off The Pleasure Police - Part 1: Introduction
    • Flipping Off The Pleasure Police - Part 2: Anti-body Dogma/Negative Sexual Conditioning
    • Flipping Off The Pleasure Police - Part 3: Female Sexuality
    • Flipping Off The Pleasure Police - Part 4: Puberty and Sex Education
    • Flipping Off The Pleasure Police - Part 5: First Orgasm
    • Flipping Off The Pleasure Police - Part 6: Religious Conflicts
    • Flipping Off The Pleasure Police - Part 7: Conclusion
    • Flipping Off The Pleasure Police - Part 8: Theological Arguments Against Masturbation
    • Selected Masturbation Bibliography
    • Am I Gay?

    Reader Contributions

    • Religion and Masturbation
    • Let's Put an End to the Hypocrisy
    • What About Ellen White?
    • Christians Can Masturbate Too
    • Masturbation is Healthy
    • Light Pulse One
    • Masturbation: A Legitimate Form of Sexual Behavior?
    • Jackin' to Multiple Orgasms
    • Denial and Edging To Hourgasm
    • Multiple Orgasm


    • Advantages of Masturbation
    • Auto-Eroticism and Ecstatic Passageways
    • Masturbation Has a Lot Going for It!
    • Church Educator Helps People Realize Masturbating Isn't Sinful!
    • Sexual Problems Plague Americans


    • Sin and Death in Mormon Country - A Latter-day Tragedy
    • Self-Pollution: Its Evil Effects
    • The History of the Masturbation Taboo
    • Instruction and Advice For the Young Bride

    Masturbation Information

    • Interesting Facts About Masturbation
    • Notes and Quotes
    • Chasing the (Sometimes) Elusive Female Orgasm
    • How to Achieve the Continuous Male Orgasm

    Male and Female Circumcision

    • Circumcision: A Medical or a Human Rights Issue?
    • Declaration of the First International Symposium on Circumcision (1989)
    • Circumcision: The Ultimate Anti-Masturbation Strategy
    • Circumcision: What Your Baby Can't Tell You
    • Another View About Circumcision


    • Erotic Display
    • Exhibitionism for the Shy: Show Off, Dress Up and Talk Hot

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    Male Toys

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