About Solo Touch

About the SoloTouch Website

SoloTouch is free and open to the public aged 18+.

Solo Touch was originally comprised of two main sections (stories and contributions) that together help you develop positive attitudes toward sexuality. It has expanded to include a forum, chat and other interactive sections.

The Stories section's purpose is to provide a forum for discussing masturbation and sexual development. Here you can read about things that people don't usually talk about at the dinner table, school or the office. You will learn that, despite the asexual attitude of people in public, you are not alone in your sexuality. Readers like you submit accounts of personal experiences, comments and descriptions of their techniques. Stories are updated daily.

The Comments section is no longer separate from Stories. You now have the ability to instantly comment directly on any story or technique when you are logged in. Any comments referring to a specific story or technique have been associated with the submission that the comment was referring to. You can see the comments at the bottom of individual Stories or Techniques.

The Techniques section is updated as techniques are submitted and is intended to share masturbation methods that may be unique or simply your tried and true favorites.

Before any Story or Technique submission is posted on SoloTouch, it is reviewed. Submissions that violate the rules are marked for further review and may eventually be discarded. For more information about SoloTouch submission rules, please see the Rules section here.

The Resources Section provides further information about sexuality and its role in our culture. There are several articles on the SoloTouch site and an extensive links section, which was designed to provide you with sources for positive information on a variety of topics.

Please visit the Home Page regularly to get up-to-date information about the site.

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