Advertise with Us was established in 1997 as a premier user-driven erotic story website. New stories have been added daily since 1997 and SoloTouch now holds over 45k original user-submitted pieces of erotica that have been tagged, rated, and meticulously categorized over the last 20 years. This consistent flow of content over such a long period of time has created an enduring, loyal, and active fan base.

Much more than just a popular website, SoloTouch is a community where members create not just content, but friendships and relationships. Being able to exchange personal thoughts and feelings via direct communications and our live group chat allows our over 57,000 registered members to engage in shared experiences and develop common bonds.

It's easy to become an active member of SoloTouch and now it's easy to put your message in front of a large group of receptive members and visitors. All available ad spots are shown to all visitors, free, and paying members and can be targeted to gay, straight, or all traffic.

Consider This

In our 20 year history, SoloTouch has never purchased so much as one hit or one ad spot to build traffic. 100% of our traffic has been organically driven via search engine results and loyal fan recommendations.

In addition to our daily user reach of 8.5k, SoloTouch also has over 500 users who pay for premium access to our vibrant video chat service and 57k users in our active forum.

Traffic Highlights

  • * 8.5k daily users and 2.9 million page views in January 2019
  • * User base is 92.35% English Speaking with 63% U.S. and 82% U.S., UK, AUS, CAN and NZ
  • * Of the remaining 18%, 10% is first tier EU traffic
  • * SoloTouch traffic is 56% Mobile, 14% tablet and 29% desktop.
  • * The bounce rate is 30%, average page views per user is 8 and average time on site is 10 minutes
  • * 40% of our users explore both straight focused and gay focused categories and 30% are Female

Overview of Ads for Sale

SoloTouch has a variety of options to put you in front of our loyal fans.
  • * 16/14 Straight/Gay Traffic Display Ad placements ranging from $100 to $700 per month flat
  • * 5 Front Page Text Links and 5 Link Page Text Links available starting at $100 per month flat
  • * 5 Sponsored article possibilities starting at $100 per month flat. No word limit

Join With Us

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