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Negative Sexuality

A large factor in the development of one's positive attitudes toward sexuality is education. You must know everything you can about sexuality. Part of being educated about sexuality is knowing when sex is bad. The vast majority of negative sexual situations involve more than one person, so if you share your sexuality with someone else, it is important for you to know the following things:

1) Sexual activity between adults and children is sometimes very dangerous, often unhealthy and almost always illegal. If you are involved in an adult - child relationship, you should talk to someone about it. You can do so anonymously. Please refer to the information at the link below.

2) Sexual activity between any two people is potentially very dangerous. It can spread diseases: some are incurable; some will kill you. It can lead to unwanted pregnancies, which can be dangerous, unhealthy, and have severe, negative effects on your life.

3) Sexual activity between related persons (people in the same family) is almost always illegal and can also be very dangerous. In addition to the risks mentioned above, a pregnancy caused by two closely related people having sexual intercourse can be very dangerous for the child.

All people ALWAYS have the right to decide not to participate in sexual activity.

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