About Solo Touch

The History of SoloTouch

Solo Touch was started by a man named Dave in 1997. His purpose was to "help make this world a bit happier by assisting people to overcome the negative conditioning with which they were raised so they can enjoy a life freer from guilt and filled more with orgasmic pleasure (both partner- and self-produced pleasure)."

In 2000, Chris found the site, and instantly became addicted. While in college, Chris had taken a class on human sexuality and found it to be very intriguing. Like Solo, the class had the message that sexual activity is healthy, provided that the people involved are educated about and have positive attitudes toward sexuality. He saw this class help so many people develop positive attitudes toward sexuality. People who had taken or were taking the class could speak about their sexuality without embarrassment and without fear. Several females confessed to Chris that they masturbated for the first time because of what they learned in the class.

In Chris's extensive search for valuable and stimulating material on the Internet, he found countless Websites that perpetuate the negative sexual attitudes in our society. These sites were not classy, not erotic, not romantic and, frankly, many of those that charge money are scams. They show no respect for healthy sexuality, no respect for women and no respect for their customers. Chris did find, however, a small handful of great sites. Solo quickly became his favorite.

As more and more people discovered Solo, Dave began to have trouble keeping up with the demands of maintaining the site. Updates became less frequent and he started having trouble with his email. It became obvious that he needed help. Having a background in computers, Chris emailed him to see if he could lend a hand. A few months went by and Chris got no response. He found out later that Dave's email was down again when Chris sent the message. But, one day Chris visited the site to see a cry for help on the main page. Dave was looking for someone to take over as the Solo Webmaster. With Dave's email up & running, Chris's application was able to get through. They spent a few weeks emailing each other. Dave wanted to check Chris out thoroughly and make sure he would keep the values alive on the site. In October 2002, Chris took over.

Of the handful of great sites that Chris had discovered, Yanks.com was one of them. Chris began advertising Yanks.com as a recommended site at SoloTouch and he eventually met the Yanks.com owners, Billie and Todd. When Chris was ready to hand over the reign of SoloTouch, Billie and Todd were ready. They are also proponents of promoting positive sexuality and implement this in their websites, so they were perfect as the next SoloTouch webmasters.

And the rest is history...

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