About Solo Touch

SoloTouch's Philosophy

Many experts believe that much of who a person is as an adult is determined by their childhood experiences. This is particularly true for a person's sexuality.

In most modern societies, adulthood begins in the late teenage years. It is not commonly accepted that sexual behavior is appropriate before this time. But, biologically, most human beings reach sexual maturity long before they reach adulthood as defined by the society in which they live.

In many places, the solution to this problem has been to repress sexual urges beginning at an early age. For thousands of years people have had negative attitudes toward sexuality. Even today many of us are taught (directly or indirectly) that sexuality is dirty, nasty, improper, vulgar, etc. People have invested much time and energy in disseminating negative, terrifying, and often false information about sexuality for the purpose of discouraging sexual behavior.

These negative attitudes toward sexuality often carry over into adulthood. It is the position of SoloTouch that negative attitudes toward sexuality are the root cause of negative sexual activity. Furthermore, sexual repression often causes people to release pent-up tension in other ways, some of which can be dangerous and harmful. Negative attitudes toward sexuality, at best, lead to unhealthy and dissatisfying sexual relationships. Worse, perhaps, adults often pass their negative attitudes on to their children.

SoloTouch's goal is to help break this cycle by fostering positive attitudes toward sexuality.

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