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  • Posted by: SoloTouchArchive Age: 24 Posted on: 14 Oct 2018 2 comments
    0 likes 725 views Category: Masturbation Male-Female Tags:
    This happened my senior year in college. Names are changed to protect the guilty.
    My roommate, Gary, and I shared a small house outside Charlottesville, VA. I am bi, but Gary did not know it. He is straight and has a beautiful blonde girlfriend, Linda. She could be a swimsuit model for Sports Illustrated. I was an arts ... » Read more
  • Posted by: Socaloldguy Age: 22 then Posted on: 18 Aug 2017 0 comments
    2 likes 295 views Category: Sex Stories Female Lesbian Tags: waitress, booty call, fuck, oral, 69, anal, sloppy seconds, bush, clit
    This is about how my one and only woman that was strictly a sex partner and I hooked up the first few times. 
    I am a musician and had been playing the musical Brigadoon at a small community theater.  We had a few rehearsals then played 10 shows over two weeks.  It was a nice run. It paid okay, not union... » Read more
  • Posted by: Pilotssister Age: 18 Posted on: 09 Jan 2017 6 comments
    10 likes 2966 views Category: Masturbation Female Solo Tags: Mum, dad, candle, cherry,

    Hi folks, it's me, Claire....Jayneys sister. I got my own account! Yay! I also got so horny last night, I finally popped my own cherry!

    I was watching porn. Well, what girl doesn't, right? I was sitting cross legged on my bed, hand in my panties, and squishing around in the delightfully musky wetness that is my... » Read more
  • Posted by: SoloTouchArchive Author: Arlene Age: 18 Posted on: 24 Aug 2012 0 comments
    2 likes 1404 views Category: Masturbation Female Solo Tags:
    I recently told my rather boring story to an older female friend who suggested I send this story to this site. By the way, this is a really cool site and I love reading many of the older female stories. My Uunt Jean is my mothers younger sister who just recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. I was visiting her... » Read more
  • Posted by: SoloTouchArchive Author: Paul Age: 41 Posted on: 27 Jan 2012 2 comments
    2 likes 1525 views Category: Masturbation Male Solo Tags: sloppy seconds
    I have been in to panties since I was 14. I was around my cousins house in the summer holidays, and upon heading upstairs to use the toilet I noticed a pink frilly nylon pair of my aunts dirty panties on her bedroom floor. God knows why, but I picked them up and took them into the toilet with me. The feel of them in... » Read more
  • Posted by: SoloTouchArchive Author: Robert Age: 20 Posted on: 20 Dec 2006 0 comments
    0 likes 762 views Category: Masturbation Male-Male Tags:
    Alright, my friend at college (we'll call him Bill) and I usually beat off together. This got started because of a conversation we'd had where he admitted that he masturbates every single day. He was lucky to have been assigned his very own room for 1 person, whereas I had a roommate who was constantly in the room. He'... » Read more
  • Posted by: SoloTouchArchive Author: PlumpLvr Posted on: 02 Nov 2005 0 comments
    0 likes views Category: Sex Stories Fetish Tags:
    [i]This story disturbs me. It was, I must admit, inspired by Lizzy and her story, MyFamily ( I was intrigued by the concept of writing outside your normal comfort bounds. In discussing the idea, a friend (not a WL member) also challenged me, saying I should push my boundarie... » Read more
  • Posted by: SoloTouchArchive Posted on: 14 Jul 2003 0 comments
    1 likes 711 views Category: Masturbation Male-Female Tags:
    I came home early from the gym today and caught my wife fucking herself silly with a dildo, she motioned for me to come and join her. We kissed and then she asked me to fuck her with the dildo, I said sure as long as she does not want to do me.... I said get on all fours, which she did then I picked up the dildo * it's... » Read more
  • Posted by: SoloTouchArchive Author: Anon Age: 19 Posted on: 24 Feb 2003 0 comments
    0 likes 498 views Category: Masturbation Male Solo Tags:
    Hi, I'm 19 and I have masturbated for years. I usually just stick to the basics beat off while reading the stories on here about men and women masturbating. (I am very turned on by masturbation, especially women) I make a fist with my left hand, then stick the tip of my penis through the top of the fist, where the fore... » Read more
  • Posted by: SoloTouchArchive Author: admin Posted on: 01 Mar 2000 0 comments
    0 likes views Category: Sex Stories Male Gay Tags:
    By Ruff Tuff (fiction) "Ok guys, change up!" Coach Jenkins shouted to clear the gym, but I was keen to finish a manouver, so waited back and let the others hit the showers. I also knew that coach would be keen to see me, alone this time. At 17 I was pretty beefy, too beefy for my liking, so I had started a personal dev... » Read more

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