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  • Posted by: tammym Age: 46 Posted on: 17 Dec 2018 2 comments
    9 likes 43 views Category: Sex Stories In Public Tags: Female-Male, Sex Stories in Public, camping exposed nudity

    This true story begins over 20 yrs.ago and continues on to present time.

    My husband was always an outdoors kind of guy and me not so much back then so it was no real suprise that shortly after we were married he began asking if I'd like to go camping but honestly the whole idea of squatting behind a tr... » Read more
  • Posted by: tammym Age: 40's & 50's Posted on: 11 Oct 2017 6 comments
    26 likes 454 views Category: Masturbation Female-Female Tags: pool, toys aunt.

    Everyone always has a favorite Aunt and Katie has always been mine.

    From as far back as I can remember my aunt Kate has always been someone I've always looked up to. Her being my mom's youngest sister she and I were only 12 years apart, a very pretty woman that married well to a guy that I always thought t... » Read more
  • Posted by: tammym Age: 40's Posted on: 20 Apr 2017 7 comments
    12 likes 1113 views Category: Masturbation Female-Male Tags: fingering, masturbating, stroking, no panties, exhibitionist, flashing pussy, huge cock

    On Tuesday of last week my husband brought up the fact that because of Easter weekend we both had off on Friday, let's drive down to one of our favorite resort towns in the moutains for a long weekend.

    With reservations made and the kids notified, we set out Thursday evening on the 4 hour drive to our favorite ... » Read more
  • Posted by: tammym Age: 45 Posted on: 20 Sep 2015 14 comments
    32 likes 10301 views Category: Masturbation Female-Male Tags: edging
    Probably not the most exciting story you'll read but I thought it was humorous so I thought I'd share
    Ok so last night I had just sat down in front of the TV with my 18 year old daughter when hubby walks in and takes a seat aside me on the couch in his usual post shower teeshirt & boxers. Probably a half hour goes... » Read more
  • Posted by: tammym Age: 30 then Posted on: 08 Mar 2015 9 comments
    24 likes 9872 views Category: Masturbation Female-Male Tags: couple, handjob, finger
    At 28 I found myself divorced with two small kids and ended up working at a local resort hotel where I waited tables and eventually did some bartending for a little extra money and that's where this story took place.
    As I recall it was a weeknight and the restaurant was slow when this couple came in and sat at one of m... » Read more
  • Posted by: tammym Age: 14 then 45 now Posted on: 12 Mar 2014 24 comments
    40 likes 17964 views Category: Masturbation Female Solo Tags: first time, orgasm, family, mom, shower
    This story may not be as erotic as some you read on here but its true and a little bit funny so I thought worthy of a post.
    It began in the summer when I was 14 and like other years my parents, my younger brother and myself would embark on a summer vacation to usually the east coast shore line somewhere. This years tri... » Read more

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