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Imaginary Brother

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I wish I had a brother. Fortunately, I have a brain that works in virtual immersive reality! 

Here’s the fantasy.


We’re let out of school early. No-one knows why, but we suspect Fr. McKenny had an erection. Well, he should. We all tease his mercilessly, and he is only a relatively young priest. We push and we push until he simply flies off the handle. 


But no, seriously, it’s due to the boiler breaking down again. Oh teaching us in freezing conditions wouldn’t bother the nuns…we’d be told to ‘Give it up to the Lord.’ But thankfully there are laws in place that prevent use freezing our tits off. 



So, I wander home, as usual cutting across the achingly beautiful farmland, and entering my parents' land through a small wicket gate. I leave my shoes by the kitchen door and pad silently upstairs intent on a nice wank. No-one home, so I can make some……shit…what was that? A noise…a grunt. And another. I creep silently along the landing and find my brother’s door slightly open. He’s standing there, his pants round his ankles and his cock in his hand and….oh my God! In his other hand are…are my panties…and he’s smelling them! 



A strange feeling courses through my veins. Yes, this is perverted, but wait….why my panties? Why not Alison’s? And look what it’s done to him. I’m 16…I’m cock hungry (pussy hungry too to tell the truth) and a cock is a cock, right? As I watch, he arches his back, takes one good hard sniff and moans, “Oh, Anna,” and shoots his cum into my panties!  Huh! No wonder mum has been asking me all those questions lately. She must be thinking I’ve started fucking. How else would cum get into my undies? 



I creep silently off to my bedroom, acutely aware of the flood in my panties. Fuck! 



My brother and I have a great relationship. We goof around a lot, we wrestle a lot too, and he always lets me win and I end up straddling him and….ohhhh wait. It’s all making sense now. That hardness I feel through his pants. Me on top. Wow….who’d have thought it? A plan hatches in my devious little brain. 



It's 10:15. I’m wearing my usual long sleep t-shirt that reaches halfway down my thighs. I’m wearing that and nothing else. No panties. Not this time. I walk across and tap on his door. So far, nothing unusual. We often have a before-bed chat. Sometimes, if I’m feeling sad, maybe a little snuggle too. 



Once inside his bedroom, I make sure the door is shut. He, as usual, is just wearing his boxers. Perfect. Just right for my plan. We chat, and I pretend to be a bit down. He invites me onto his bed and I snuggle next to him, making sure one of my legs is across his. Just high enough to be nearly touching his balls. I also know that in the mirrors that line the opposite wall, he can see up my t-shirt. In addition, after I caught him I wanked myself off, and didn’t bother cleaning up. I smell of sex. 



We talk easily as we always do, and it’s not long before he says something that I can reply to in a cheeky way. He prods me and calls me a cheeky bitch. I prod him back and tell him to poke someone his own size. Soon we are wrestling as we do so often. Except this time, since I haven’t showered, I smell of girl sweat and vagina. And it’s getting to him. Every time he moves I can see he’s getting harder. With a thump, we end up on the floor and are wriggling around. He has copped several feels of my tits, and I’ve felt his cock. 



He lets me win, as usual, and I end up astride him, except this time, his cock has slipped out of his boxer shorts, and I’m sitting on it. He can feel my pubic hair and my labia and Miss Brain tells me I’m giving his cock ‘cunt kisses’. He could buck me off easily, but instead, he’s only giving half-hearted little movements, just enough to press against me and I realise with incredible certainty that he’s scared he’s going to cum! He’s realised he has my cunt touching his cock and it’s almost got him there! 



I move forward and lift myself slightly. His hard cock springs up and is now touching my entrance. Slowly, I sink down on it. He doesn’t stop me. Lower, lower and still lower I go until my brother is impaled inside me. He looks in pain and says, “Are you sure?” I nod. “Oh yes! I want this.” 



He rolls us over and suddenly he’s on top and my legs are spread wide. I haven’t had sex before and somehow it feels right that my lovely brother is my first. He fucks me slowly, carefully, considerately. I would say delicately, but it’s enough. I know how close he is. And how close I am. 



He stiffens inside me and holds perfectly still. I realise he is trying to stop himself cumming in me. “It’s ok….imagine you’re smelling my panties. Think about the scent of my cunt.” The words do the job and he bursts inside me. I feel each convulsion and feel his semen in me. It sets me off and I cum on his cock. 



We hold one another close and we both know this will happen again. 



I go to sleep that night smiling…feeling warm…feeling …different. The next morning when I take my night panties off, they are full of semen. I giggle out loud. Well…at least this got here the right way! 




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