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Learned from Cousin Jody

Posted by: Author: Age: 23 but 13 then Posted on: 2 comments
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Jody laid down next to me and things went from there. Did I ever learn a few things from him that afternoon about his penis.


It was Summer time and I was spending a week at my aunt and cousin's house. My cousin, Jody, was 15 years old at the time. On this day, we'd been swimming and sunbathing. It got real hot so we came in and I laid down in my bed and feel asleep still in my bikini. Then, I was awaken by Jody when he came in and laid down next to me. I didn't think anything about it as we had often slept together as we were growing up.

Jody then scooted over right next to me. I was on my left side away from him and he was on his left side right against me. He was wearing his shorts. It was then that I felt something poking at my butt. At first I didn't know what it was but as he kept up moving and pushing I soon figured out what I was feeling. It was his penis and it felt real hard. I'd heard about boys getting hard ons from the girls talking at school but I'd never seen or felt one before.

Then, Jody put his hand on top my outer thigh and he slowly moved it to my hip. He then used it to pull my hip towards him while he pushed his hip towards me. I could really feel his penis now pushing against my butt cheek. It was then that I turned over looking at him and asked "What are you doing"? He just laid there looking at me. Then he asked "Could you feel it"? I told him "Yes I could. You're being nasty". He then asked "Don't you want to see it"? I didn't answer. I was getting very curious. He then put his thumbs under the elastic waist band and pulled it straight out. He looked down and said to me "Look". I looked down and caught my breath when I saw it. His penis was so big!It was pointing straight up at us with its big head and the slip. It was moving a little I guess from his heart beat.

Jody then said "Don't you want to touch it"? I just laid there looking at it. Jody then said "I know you want to and it would make it feel so good if you did". I still didn't say anything and Jody then pushed down his shorts showing everything. I then went ahead and eased my hand down to it to feel it. I touched it and it felt so hard. Jody then took my hand and guided it around it and he said "Here; do this to it" moving my hand up and down on it. Jody then moved his hand away and laid his head back saying "Ahhh, yes. Just like that". I continued playing with it like he wanted and then Jody started getting rigid and shaking as said "Ahhh, don't stop. Please don't stop. I'm almost there" and then he thrusted his hips forward and let out a loud "Uhhh" sound and started squirting this stuff out of his penis. I quickly pulled my hand away from it and it kept squirting the stuff all over the place. Some got on me but most ended up on the sheet.

When Jody came down from this, he said "Oh Brit. That felt so good. You made me cum. Just look at it". I knew enough to know that this was his sperm but I never thought it would be like this. In my young 13 year old mind, it was almost gross. I sure don't anymore. Now, I just can't get enough of that stuff.



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