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Mom and Me a Lesson on Etiquette

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After that first lesson on touch, I was privileged to learn and develop the skill of massage and orally pleasing a woman often. Sometimes, mom would suggest that I rub her feet after a long day and I would get down in front of her and start there, work my way up her calves, to her thighs, and find that under her nightgown or long tshirt she was not wearing panties. I would start kissing her feet as I rubbed up to the thighs, kissing, touching gently, and her hips would push forward on the sofa and allow me access to give her some quick oral pleasure again. Or, it might be a full massage and at the end I would slowly indulge her, and myself, by licking her to a few orgasms. Of course I would get hard and if it was in the bed for a full massage, she would spoon me and hold me tight against her warm naked body as I lay on my side to masturbate. Sometimes I would spoon her and enjoy her fleshy butt cheeks again. If it was in the livingroom, I might kneel and keep my face pressed into her wetness as I jerked off onto her leg or foot. I still love feet. This went on for weeks and I couldnt have been happier.


Mom was always asking me about my relationship with my girlfriend and it we were doing certain things. Has she ever tried giving you fellatio? Mom asked out of the blue one time over dinner. I said that Elaine had never done that and probably never would. You know, its probably not just that she is religious because she seems to love touching you. You've told me that she's always rubbing you through your pants or underwear while you guys kiss. She's probably afraid, Mom concluded.

I was a bit shocked that my girlfriend could be fearful of me. What could I have done that would make her afraid of me? I asked. Mom explained that it wasn't me so much because obviously Elaine really liked me and probably trusted me but that she was afraid of trying to give oral sex because it was so potentially hard for a woman.

See, from a woman's perspective, a man may not respect you if you give away some of your sexuality to him. That's the first fear, she told me. Also, boys may talk about you if you do that. Locker room talk is very hurtful to a good girl like Elaine. It ruins their reputation. I assured Mom that I would never talk about Elaine to anyone, especially those goofs on the football team. She said she knew I was trustworthy but it still runs through a girls mind. And then there are the physical and practical parts of sucking a dick that Elaine might worry about. Not just that she's probably never done it before

Hey, she's so shy and been so protected by her mother and father until now I know shes never done anything, trust me, I interrupted.

Yes, I know, just saying. Anyway, its not just the fact that she's never met a penis face to face before, but also that you might be unable to contain your urges and make it miserable for her, she said. I can speak from experience from when my brother forced me when I was too young. It can put you off for the rest of your life. Really, it can.

I felt sorry for my mother. The look on her face had gone from being the expert talking to an eager pupil to someone remembering a deep hurt. I stood and went over to hug her. Talking about blow jobs had me excited so I leaned way over to comfort her. I'm fine, she reassured me, but I'm serious about you needing to learn to control yourself. The first time for guys they are often totally and only focused on their own pleasure and forget to have etiquette.

You mean like opening doors for the lady? I asked.

Mom grinned. No, like not ejaculating in her mouth without permission. Imagine being new at this whole sucking dick thing and all of a sudden your mouth fills with raw egg whites. Would you like that? I told her I didn't think that would be fun and that I would never just let go without permission. Well see if you can keep a promise like that. Plus even with permission, sperm can taste gross.

I don't think it tastes that bad, Mom, I said without thinking. Her eyes got wide and she asked me when I had been tasting semen. Oh its nothing like that. There have just been times when I was masturbating that I shot up onto my face and it got in my mouth. So I have tasted it. Its salty and not wonderful but not gross. I explained.

Well, that makes sense about why you've been trying sperm taste tests, she teased. Maybe, just maybe, you still need a lesson on oral sex etiquette in case your girlfriend ever overcomes the shyness when she's feeling up your bulging penis. I let her know I would be an eager learner if she wanted to teach me. She laughed and said that of course any man would like to be a learner if he was getting sucked. So, a couple of weeks passed without anything further until one Saturday night I had given my mother a very nice massage and finished by tasting her once again. When I was finished, my mother pushed me onto my back and sat up. Are you ready for your etiquette lesson?

Um, do you mean for blow jobs? I asked with intense interest.

See this is why we need a lesson, she lectured. That is strike one. Blow job sounds coarse and rude to a girl like your girlfriend, or even your mother who has given some before. Try instead fellatio, oral loving, oral sex, sucking, or even going down but never the rude ones. Like giving head isn't too bad but others are really crude. You dont want to put her off and make her feel slutty with your words, got it.

Yes, Mom, I nodded.

You always get so hard so easy, at least she wont have to work at that, she said as she reached and held my penis in both hands. She gently stroked up and down while one hand held the base firmly. So what is it that you most want right now?

Honestly, I told her, I want to have you put me inside your mouth.
She took her hands off me. Now that is another example of why we need this lesson for you. That was so the wrong answer. If you were thinking of something besides this head, she said with a playful smack on my penis that was upright in the air bobbing and throbbing in front of her, then you would have said that you wanted to have me feel respected, loved, cared for, and appreciated for whatever I chose to do. If your girlfriend feels loved and respected, cared for, and you show her true appreciation for just being her, you are more likely to get your dick sucked more than once. Got it? I nodded again. I sat up and kissed her, held her in my arms, and said that I loved her very much. Nice move, just do it more often and not just because you want a, uh, a blow job, mister.

Mom then had me lay back down with my head propped up on pillows. She got between my thighs and I felt her blonde hair all over them as she leaned down on her elbows. She took my penis and licked around the rim of the head while holding it tightly at the base. She stopped. Another couple of things that will ruin it for you woman. First, never squirt your sperm in her mouth unless you ask first and she knows it is going to happen so she can get out of the way if she needs to. Second, never treat her mouth like you would her vagina. You dont thrust at her mouth wildly and hurt her. Got it? Mom said in her stern voice. Finally, never squirt on her face. Unless she makes you. Its not like the pornos.

Sheepishly, I replied, Yes, ma'am. I won't.

So ask. Ask me.

Mom can I come in your mouth, please? I asked.

She leaned down and took me in her mouth. It felt better than anything I had ever felt before. She looked in my eyes with the tip in between her lips, then let it pop out with an audible sound. Nope, you cant. I dont like it, even though you taste good right now with your wetness. I don't like it when a man ejaculates in my mouth and the amount you squirt would probably drown me, Mom explained. Now if you can last, we can make this a lot of fun for you. I'm going to bet you that you cant last 10 minutes even if I take it easy on you because this is your first time. I asked what Id get if I lasted longer and won the bet. If you last 20 minutes, you get another session to learn. If you lose, you clean the whole house for a month. Alone.

Fortunately for me, Mom was out of practice, had the habit of grinding her teeth at night which made her jaw hurt, and therefore had to take me out of her mouth a lot and switch to licking or using a hand covered in saliva. That helped me to break the rhythm of arousal. She had to change positions from being between my legs, too, to laying with her head on my lap, then standing beside the bed and leaning over and all of that helped me, too. I lasted the full 20 minutes and stupidly told her when the clock radio on her nightstand showed me that. Well, you and your penis are amazing, Mr. Smarty, but I would have kept going if you didn't say that.

Mom lay next to me and told me to finish myself with my hand. She rested her body against mine and we kissed. It felt so good kissing her that I didn't last long and erupted hard. The shot leaped up and landed right where we were kissing, on both our cheeks and then my chest. We had our eyes shut and never saw it, just felt the warm liquid. Mom pulled back and smiled at me and laughed, licked her lip where it was running off. Ok, Ill forgive that because you got more on you than on my face. And, not disgusting taste, you were right.



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