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50 Shades Of Arousal?

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Sexual arousal is a strange, wonderful, scary thing, and comes in an almost infinite variety of forms and feelings. 

Mental arousal.


Arousal in the (my) mind ranges from a heightened sexual interest in my surroundings, to a detailed, wide-screen, hi-res movie of what I’d like to do with someone. At its least, it might be me looking at someone in the street and just thinking s/he’s nice. Or it could involve a little more detailed observation of how they move. Does she walk as if she’s got a nice wet patch between her legs? Is he sporting a semi? 



It may progress further and involve Miss Brain putting them in a sexual scenario. Him standing in the bathroom this morning, stiff cock in hand jacking off, or her, lying in bed just after waking up, a hand in her panties and her legs spread. I try to imagine what their cum-face is like. 



Further along, I may superimpose what they are fantasising about, and that can very widely from just them tugging one off to thinking about their girlfriends/boyfriends, to a more depraved version of him (especially if he’s a mid/late teen) experimenting with his sister’s panties, or her finding semen on her brother’s boxers. 



Then there’s me…..what am I in the mood for today? My sexual palette is wide and colourful. A simple wank can be as satisfying as a threesome. Would I like to watch them, or join in? Do I want conventional sex with them….or perhaps something more…extreme? 



Physical arousal. 



Oh how widely this varies! A vague awareness of my boobs. They may not even feel tight yet…I’m just suddenly aware of their presence. Then may come the tightness that’s almost like, and can even develop into an ache. The sort of ache that’s nice to touch. And my nipples, puffy at the base, yet quite long. Exquisitely sensitive too, and with a sliding scale of where stimulation ends, and pain begins…not that pain is a bad thing. 


That flutter deep in my tummy. Whether it’s my uterus I don’t really know. (Must ask Tig about it sometime.) my clit - what an amazing organ she is! There isn’t a girl on the planet who wouldn’t be amazed at how big a clitoris actually is, extending, as it does, from the little nub at the top of the labia, down each side of the vulva, thickening and swelling as it does so. Tig showed me a dissected out clitoris once. It looked fucking enormous….then she told me it came from a 16 year old and was absolutely typical for its size. No wonder when we cum it rocks our world. 



Then there’s the vagina which, as part of the sexual arousal process actually changes shape. It widens and lengthens in readiness for a good stiff cock. And, of course, it secretes lubrication. 



Which I suppose leads us neatly onto….



Physical/mental arousal interface. 



I mean when I begin to take an active part in my own autonomic arousal. That, too, can take many different forms. For example, I can breathe deeply, squishing my rock-solid tits against my bra, maybe even imagining a pair of hands are restricting them. I can ‘squeeze’ internally, forcing wetness from me and into my panties. I know the jury is divided on this one, but I simply adore being wet. I love the feeling of wet undies, and I love the scent. I can people watch sitting on an outdoor table of a coffee shop in the mall, and wet myself up to the point where a simple movement brings my scent to me, and yes, I am capable of making myself climax in full view of the passing world. (All that work learning how to get myself off in class paid off! Thank you, Sisters.) 


Oral. Vaginal. Anal. The blessed trinity of sex. But again, my palette is far more richly coloured. I love a guy cumming on me. Especially if he is a heavy cummer. I was receiving a truly wonderful fucking once when the guy concerned said “I don’t know why, but I’d really love to shoot my load on you, rather than in you.” It was one of the sexiest things anyone had said to me. Of course I agreed and at the right moment, he withdrew and shot so much semen it hit my face, tits, tummy…oh God, it went absolutely everywhere. I got a full-on cum bath…and loved it! 



I love the taste of male and female cum, and yes, I’m a swallower. I love the feeling (again, I’m aware the female jury doesn’t agree on this) of semen running down my legs after a good fuck. I also love what happens to it after a guy has cum up my bum. 



Fantasy during sex.



I forget who it was now, but someone once said that sex is 60% perspiration and 40% imagination. The author suggested that we all fantasise during sex….to a greater or lesser degree. I mean no disrespect to anyone I’ve ever had sex with, but in my case, that’s true. I do fantasise during sex, not just during masturbation. It may be a fleeting image, there, and gone in a second. I may be having deep penetration from behind and for a nanosecond imagine he’s raping me. She may be sitting on my face, my tongue buried deep in her vagina, and the fleeting thought of her pissing on my face my pop into my head. Or it could be something I’d be taking the lead in rather them doing whatever it is to me. I may imagine, for example, that he’s knocking me up….i’ve deliberately stopped taking the pill and he’s about to cum in me at just the right point in my cycle. 


There’s so much ‘head work’ involved in sex. So many images…some conventional, some not….and sometimes, there’s the taboo as well. 





Forbidden fruit, they say, tastes sweetest, but I want to be absolutely clear. What follows are things I would NEVER contemplate doing for real. Nice in fantasy, off limits in reality. 


Take that guy over there…..tall for his 14 years of age….very tall. And look, is that a smattering of hair on his top lip? Puberty has come early to him. I imagine him in the showers at school, ridiculed by his peers for the thick growth of pubic hair and the much larger cock than anyone else. They’re jealous of course, but he’s having a rough time of it. I imagine that morning he woke in bed and found himself stuck fast to his sheets. Wet dreams then. Wanking him off would be a delight. In fact, showing him all of sex would be quite something, I think. 


Or the brother who has suddenly started to notice his sister (or the other way around), or the daughter who now sees her dad in a totally new light. Then there’s the girl - me in this case - who started getting sexual feelings at 13. Identifiable, must-do-something-about-them sexual feelings. How quickly it was that simple masturbation wasn’t enough. With me it led to doing panty raids in the locker room, but what if I’d been 100% straight? 



There’s always a mystery about the forbidden, and in sexual fantasy, they can be safely enjoyed. (Or in role play.) 



Lastly, what about role play between couples? Some would argue that they should be sufficient for one another, but I wonder….is that true? And furthermore, does it need to be true? I’ve role-played Allan’s sister for him. A piece of dark role play from the taboo side of the fence, but it was truly fabulous sex. I’ve role played with and for Emily too…and Dani. Personally, I think it keeps sex fresh and vibrant. Alive. Interesting. 



Oh well…..since I’ve been writing this (sitting at that table in a coffee shop in the mall) deliberately wetting myself up, I’m going to cum now having a rather delicious fantasy over the waitress. 




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