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Is It Easier For Girls?

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This might trigger some people….but I don’t mean it to. 

Scenario: Two teenage boys. Two Teenage girls. Let’s say all are 15….beyond the turbulence of puberty, and settling into their sexual feelings. Now, also bear in mind, the only things I can relate regarding the two mythical boys in this situation is anecdotal. 


The two girls won’t have any problems in talking freely and openly about boobs, pubes, periods, boys and masturbation. They will undress in front of each other and will have no problem in ‘jokingly’ feeling bums and tits. They will talk about “pussy cream…panty pudding….girl cum…” or whatever they call their vaginal discharge. They will boast to some degree, but will want to avoid any suggestion that they are sluts. 



Let me turn now to the boys. I have been told that two close mates may, particularly in younger age groups do ‘rudies’. They may pee outdoors in front of one another. They may, particularly in all-male private schools engage in ‘circle jerks’…..first/last one to cum wins. But touching? Dear me no! Apparently there are strict unwritten rules in boys’ restrooms. You do NOT look at the cock next to you at a urinal, apparently. You stare straight ahead, looking neither right nor left. 



So, my question is this. Is it more likely that girls will go through a period of exploration with one another than boys? 



I know from personal experience that a group of girls at a sleepover are likely to indulge in a ‘group wank’. Not touching one another, but one girl may start, and another will join in, then another. Girls seem more comfortable being naked around one another than boys, but then, when or if we get aroused, the outward signs of that are tricky to spot. Nipples become erect due to temperature as well as sexual arousal. We may become wet, but unless you’re sitting with your legs spread, no-one will know. (Well, with my sense of smell, I probably would). But boys….there’s nowhere to hide a full-on stiffy! 



Is it more ‘acceptable’ for girls to fool around with one another than boys? One guy told me, “My dad said, 'it’s a terrible thing to be queer.'" Of course, he hid his developing interest in other boys deeply, and when, at the age of 19 he did finally come out, his dad disowned him. Charming. 



Girls kiss when we meet. Guys don’t. We enjoy long hugs. Guys tend not to. I wanted to speak to a guy who had gone beyond mere ‘rudies’ as a young teenager. TLC put me in touch with someone. 



“It started off like it does with a lot of guys. Me and my friend just getting our dicks out….maybe pissing….but then …and I don’t remember quite how this happened….we started getting hard in front of each other. No, wait, that’s not right. We started to want to get hard together. This led to wanking. Back then neither of us could ejaculate though. We said we had orgasms, but I’m not entirely sure. We’d wank, talking about our sisters, and telling one another that we’d seen their tits, or their pubic hair - whether or not we actually had. Anything to get us off. It got to the stage where we would jack one another off. One of us played dead, the other played alive so-to-speak. Anyway, we had progressed to being totally naked. One day, I was lying with my head on his tummy wanking him and suddenly he spurted! Neither of us were expecting it, and it hit me in the face. I cleaned myself up, but I could taste this saltiness on my lips. What surprised me more was that when he did me, I ejaculated too. It felt like a right of passage somehow."

"One lazy summer afternoon, we were doing the same thing in our den we’d built in the woods. I was on his tummy as before except….except this time, I kissed his cock. Then I took it in my mouth. We’d been talking about ‘cunts’ and ‘blow jobs’….I seem to remember he had been telling me about something he overheard his sister telling her friend about, so I guess it was something of a theme of the day. He came right in my mouth….and I loved it. I loved the power I felt because I’d made this happen. He did it to me but he spat it out. We talked about bum fucking and tried it a couple of times. His cock was smaller and thinner than mine, and while I couldn’t get inside his bum, because he used to get amazingly wet and slippery, he managed to slip inside me. I liked the feeling of femininity it gave me, so I became his ‘girlfriend’, and almost every time we met up during that school summer holiday, he would fuck me. I took to stealing my sister’s panties….not because I wanted to smell them or anything…I just wanted to be more of a girl for him. Sometimes, he’d wank me off while licking my balls through the panties, but I think he was really smelling my sister’s cunt. Every time we met, I tried always to be wearing something ‘girly’….maybe panties, or a thong, which, if you have a pair of balls are not the most comfortable thing to wear, or a trainer bra or sometimes even both. I liked wearing tights too. My sister always dumped the panties and tights she wore to college that day in the hamper, so I was never lost for choice. Would it surprise you though, to know that today, I have zero interest in men? I’m happily married and have a full, rich and varied sex life with my wife. It was something that happened….a phase…..and I look back on it with great warmth and affection.”



I think this might be at the extreme of things, but what do I know? I do know for sure that a couple of the choristers from church used to goof around, because I found fresh cum on the vestry floor sometimes. They’d tried to rub it into the carpet, but my nose misses nothing. 



As for girls, dare I say I think perhaps it’s more ‘natural’ for girls to experiment? I haven’t yet spoken to a girl who hasn’t at least wondered what it would be like with another girl…..they may only mean kissing, or the briefest of holding tits; it doesn’t have to be full-on i]finger fucking or eating out, much less the more extreme things Emily and I do. 



Oh well….food for thought. 



I’d love to know what you think. 




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