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I Tried Something a Little Different

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I guess we’ve all seen “amateur” porn. Supposedly made by a lone person or a couple....shame the professional lighting and camera movements give it away. i thought I’d try to make a convincing spycam kind of movie. so, set up the laptop, choose a simple dress, bra panties and shoes, and hit the record button and leave the room....


Fo a few moments, the camera shows just an empty room, then, she walks in. 

She sits at her dressing table, so close in fact that the camera can’t focus. She brushes her hair, then goes across the room to her bed. She flips the radio on softly in the background. 

From her top drawer, she finds a book and begins to read. The camera can’t pick up the title, but it does see when her hand, almost idly drifts up to her boob. An itch? No. She cups her breast and slightly arches her back. She turns a page, and then she wriggles down the bed a little. 

Her hand has moved now and lies on her tummy. And there is stays for a moment before moving down and pressing her dress between her legs. No doubt about it now. What she is reading is erotic. Her hand movements are barely visible, but they are there. Now and then, an arch of her back, now and then a lick of her lips. 

Another page turn, and now her dress is tucked up. Her fingers dance over her panties and her legs are spread. Slowly, almost teasingly, her hand reaches under the waistband. Oh, dear viewer, we’re you expecting her to just go for it? Well, I’m sorry, you’re disappointed. First joint, second, finally her knuckles disappear under the soft white cotton, and only then can you see the movement under the crotch. 

She is breathing hard now, her nostrils flaring. She pulls her hand from her panties and inspects her fingers. Bringing them close to her face, she First smells, then licks her fingers.

Theres a determined movement as she uses both hands to remove her panties. She spreads her legs wide. Shaved, then? She shuffles further down the bed until she is lying flat. Happily for us, it brings her a little closer to the camera. We can see now for ourselves how wet she is. 

Her hands return to their task, one finger dipping in and out of her hole, the other hand rubbing her clitoris. Now and then she gasps, and sometimes, a little moan escapes her. 

Then, she gets up. Has she finished already? She walks to the dressing table, but doesn’t sit down. Almost immediately, she’s back on the bed, and we see the reason for he journey. In her hand she has her hairbrush. Slowly, sensuously, she take the handle into her mouth and sucks it. We see the little dimples form in her cheeks. Who knows what is in her mind? Her eyes are closed now, totally lost in her fantasy world. 

She pulls her dress up higher this time, raising her ass off the bed and making sure it’s tucked behind her back. She also tugs the shoulder straps of the dress and her bra down, making her small pert breasts stick up, almost painfully so.

Feet firmly planted on the bed, knees up and apart, she reaches down with her left hand and holds her cunt lips apart. She teases herself and us with the hairbrush handle, almost, but not quite inserting it into her hole. Then, when we can see her wetness running down over her asshole, she pushes it firmly inside her. 

She arches her back and her head rocks to the side. Soon, she is in a rhythm. It increases in speed and her head rises from the bed. Any moment now. But just when we think she must cum, she slows, even stops, and builds again and again. 

Finally, when neither she nor we can take much more, her head raises from the bed, and stays there. Her mouth is open in a perfect ‘O’, although not a murder comes from it. There are a series of little jerks and we see her head move and her tummy muscles contract. Looking closer (and when we play the movie again) we can see the contractions of her vaginal muscles clearly, and the clear fluid as it spurts out of her onto the bed. 

She hasn’t made a sound, and somehow, her need to keep,it silent only adds to the eroticism of it. 

She pulls the hairbrush from inside her. The handle is creamy and wet. She returns it to her mouth and licks it clean. 

She curls up on her bed on her left side, her knees drawn up exposing her ass to the camera. She falls into a deep, comfortable sleep.

We wonder what her fantasy was....what she was thinking about that got her off so completely. As we look at her perfect ass, we wonder if she likes it there as well. We will never know....not from this movie at least, but perhaps she will make more?



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