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Traveling With Dad - Part 5

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Even though we were attending a funeral today, it didn't darken spirits too much...


I knew the day was gonna be kinda boring, but as this was the first funeral I had ever attended I didn't quite know
what to expect. I DID know I hated wearing a suit on a hot day, and I was already hoping for the time I could take
off the monkey suit...

Everyone was getting prepared, you could see across the hallway to many other rooms and people were all getting
gussied-up, and the strong scent of perfume and cologne filled the air. I thought I was gonna have a sneezing fit,
but after I got used to things I settled in. My dad looked pretty macho, it was the first time I had seen him clean-shaved in quite some time. He took off downstairs to meet up with his brothers. A young mother appeared at
the door and asked if she could come in...

'Sure' I said, and she stepped inside. 'My name is Mary, I am your cousin from Bob's side of the family. I need to
sit down...' And then I realized she had a sleeping baby under the blanket she was carrying. My dad was downstairs with my uncles, and it was just me and Mary in my room. 'Can I feed him here?' she asked, 'There are just too
many people in my room and there was no quiet place to let him nurse.' 'Sure, I guess so...' I answered, not quite
knowing what I was in for.

She proceeded to pull down the shoulder of her dress, and out popped the biggest boob and nipple I had ever seen. Now I know breast-feeding is a totally natural thing, and while I wasn't embarrassed, it did seem highly erotic and I could fee the stirring in my groin begin all over again...

'Never seen a boob before?' she asked jokingly. 'No, I have never seen a nipple that big before' I replied. 'Yeah,
they get like that when you have a baby.' It had to be over an inch long, and dark & meaty looking. She squeezed it
once and milk literally poured out of it as she jammed it into the baby's mouth. I started to finish getting dressed, but just didn't have what it took to tie a tie. I tried and tried, but it just didn't come out right. I crumpled it up and stuffed it into my side pocket.

I glanced back over at Mary, the baby was feeding away, and she had her dress pulled up and was frantically
rubbing her pussy, eyes closed, head tilted back almost in a trance. I watched as my boner grew in my pants as she
masturbated right in front of me. I could understand now why she wanted a little more privacy... A bulge was
starting to form in my suit pants, these weren't like jeans where it wasn't so noticeable, a regular tent started to form as I watched Mary frigging away with her hand in her panties.

Just then the baby cried and un-latched from the enormous boob, and Mary came to all of a sudden. I think she
realized what she was doing and maybe turned a little red, she mumbled something and switched the baby to the other boob, leaving the first one hanging out in the open. I searched for a towel to give her to wipe things off, but she had already closed her eyes and was going at it again like there was no tomorrow. I didn't really know what to do, but I DID know this erection in my pants was not gonna go away by itself if I continued to watch this show.

I thought about things for a moment, I couldn't go downstairs, not with this bulge in the front of my pants, and I
couldn't whip it out and jerk it with a relative right in front of me. I stood there mesmerized as she came right there in front of me, with a little gasp as she clenched her legs together. 'Wow' she said, 'I needed that!' With that she got up and laid the sleeping baby on the bed and came over to me and said 'Let me fix your tie for you...'

And with that she stood right in front of me, and while she was bare-boobed, backed me up against the wall where no one across the hall could see us. She reached in my suit pocket and grabbed my tie, and leaned her boobs in real close as she reached around my neck and did the tie. Her long nipples were rubbing up against me, and leaking all over the place. 'Ooooh what is that thing poking me?' she asked. I mumbled something, I don't remember what, and she unbuckled my belt and the top button on my pants and reached in. With both hands, she grabbed both my cock and my balls, and started stroking as she rubbed her boobs up against me. I took the towel in my hand and wiped off her boobs, and that just made her go wild. She was uncontrollable, kneading my nuts with one hand and jerking my boner with the other.

My eyes rolled back in my head as I started to moan that I was gonna cum, and with that finished pulling down my
pants just as I started to squirt. Lucky I had the towel, which caught most of it, a few drops landed on her dress as well as my pants, and I almost fell over as I tried to clean up what had not been caught in the towel. 'I bet you needed that too!' she said. I was almost at a loss for words as she turned around to pick up the baby and pull her dress back into place. 'I dunno what to say' I mumbled.

'Don't say anything...' she said, and with that, kissed me on the cheek and walked out with me still standing there
with my pants around my ankles. I did my best to get re-dressed, and stumbled down the stairs to meet up with
everyone else.

My dad met me at the bottom of the stairs, adjusted my tie, and said 'That girl over there with the baby is your cousin Mary. She isn't much older than you. Maybe you should take the time to talk with her, there aren't many kids your age here...' I said 'Yeah, I hope I get a chance later.'

With that, we all loaded up into the myriad of station wagons and headed to the funeral home. Turns out it was
gonna be a good day after all!



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