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Leah's Passion

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If you enjoy massage, read on...


I am an avid cyclist and enjoy getting a massage once or twice a week. I recently tried a new massage spa and met Leah, who is a beautiful girl of 27 years, long dark hair, deep brown eyes, a perfect smile, and a lithe fit body. Her breasts are B cup with perfect shape, and yet her long legs and rounded bottom are what grab your attention. Her skin is a light tan and very smooth to the touch. When you first meet her, she strikes you as a confident, sensual girl who wants to please, and yet you sense that she knows what she wants in life as well. Leah is a student who does massage twice a week and the first time we met, I laid face down on the table not knowing at all what to expect. I didn't use the towel provided to cover my bottom and was glad that she started the massage without it in place.

She and I talked about many things as she spread her long fingers apart, rubbing the warm oil into my back. She moved her hands smoothly over my skin, working my back muscles to get the knots out before moving down to my legs and thighs. At this point I told her about my biking and how my legs and butt are forever sore. She responded by applying more oil to my thighs and for the first time, she touched my bare ass cheeks with her warm, oil covered hands. I could feel my penis respond beneath me and this brought a smile to my face. She worked from my ankles to my thighs at first, using her forearms to get deep into the tightness before moving up to work my ass.

She used more oil as both her hands kneaded by bottom, spreading my cheeks apart from time to time to allow oil to coat my sensitive anus. I moaned my appreciation to let her know how erotic I find it when a woman teases or tickles my anus. Leah spent considerable time caressing and massaging my legs, thighs and derriere, getting me more excited by the minute. Unexpectedly, she pulled my right leg up towards my arm, thereby raising my bottom and exposing my anal area along with my shaved balls. My cock was partially erect but covered by my stomach. She expertly massaged my inner thighs, moving her hands up to the bottom of my buttocks and around them and in the process touching my balls with the back of her hands. This felt amazing. She did this sweep several times and with each stroke, my dick got harder and harder. This position makes me feel exposed and on display in a way and yet with her warm hands moving between my legs, caressing past my balls and then up between my cheeks as they moved over my already stimulated anus, the pleasure was intoxicating.

Leah announced she would wipe my nude body down with hot towels and then I was to turn over for her. This time she did place a small towel over my partially erect cock, but not before taking a good look at it. I have a nice 7 inch-when-erect penis with a large mushroom head, and smooth shaved balls. I trim my pubic hair above so that any therapist would find my lower tummy and pubic area a pleasure to touch. She massaged my chest area along with my stomach, then moved to my thighs. I took a chance and complimented her on her beautiful legs and perfect ass, then reached down and slowly caressed her ankles, thighs, and then lightly rubbed her heart shaped butt. She thanked me for the compliments and continued massaging me. She continued massaging my upper thighs, moving the small towel slowly away from my cock until she had shoved it off completely. My sex lay against my stomach, full but not standing up hard. At least not yet.

I deepened my one handed massage of her bottom, running a fingertip from time to time between her checks until it was my turn to tease her inner thighs and touch her lower vulva. This was when she did something that both surprised and delighted me. She stopped her massage, reached back and pulled down her black tights and let them fall to her ankles, exposing an awesome firm ass and a pink thong. I like this girl.

She added more oil to her palms, and let it drip on my engorged penis, then slowly caressed it until it was hard in her hands. She masturbated my cock very slowly at first, feeling its ridges and stiffness for the first time. She knew to pay more attention to the head, rubbing it between her wet fingers as her other hand gently cupped and teased my balls. Having already learned of the sensitivity of my anus, she gently reach between my legs and touched it with her fingertip oh so lightly.

My left hand now was in full massage of her butt, moving her cheeks back and forth, feeling her soft skin as I pleasured her behind. I reached up and softly pulled down her thong until it joined her tights at her feet. Now using both hands, I leaned over the table so I could view her anus and vulva as I spread her asscheeks apart in my hands and held them there for a very erotic moment. Her grip on my cock stiffened now and she masturbated me with an increased speed. I reached up and lightly touched her back, indicating I wanted her to bend forward over my body. She did just that and the view that greeted me was so sexual and amazing all at once.

As she stroked my cock, I caressed her exposed anus so very lightly and ran a fingertip between her moist pussy lips. She moaned softly and continued her assault on my hard penis. This form of mutual masturbation went on for a few minutes until I lost all control and shot my cum straight up as Leah held me tight until I was through.

I thanked her after I caught my breath and she produced more hot towels for my comfort. 'You inspire me,' I said, and she replied with a chuckle. 'You're pretty fun yourself,' she said.

I gave her a big hug and promised I would see her next week...

more to come...



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