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Your Man is Watching

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We wanted each other.   We wanted each other with YOUR significant other watching but not joining in.


After a lot of chatting and e-mail we found we both had one fantasy at the top of the list for both of us. My desire was to make hot passionate love to someone while her significant other watched. Your fantasy was virtually the same but included that the other could not, would not join in.

You all selected the hotel with us agreeing to meet in the lounge. When I arrived the two of you were in a semi circular booth talking. You were even prettier than I imagined and the choice of a short skirt showing lots of leg and thigh with a low cut blouse had me excited before I even sat down. 

We sat really close during a light dinner our legs touching. Periodically my hand would find your thigh and caress you. Each time my hand moved just a bit higher and more into the center. Your soft noises encouraged me higher and seemingly made your man watch even more intently. By the time we had after dinner coffee my fingers had found you and you made sure he knew it. You were so wet. Pulling my finger from you I tasted you then stirred my coffee with your sweet scent.

As we rode the elevator our hands were all over each other. I loved having my hands under your skirt on your ass as the elevator became glass facing the lobby. This public sexual show was not unnoticed by the lobby nor your man who had a bit of a protrusion in his slacks.

Once in the room we sat your man in a chair and gently bound his arms and wrists so he could neither touch us or himself. Smiling tho I opened his zipper and took his cock out so it could react seeing me make love to his woman.

Now all my attention was on you beautiful lady.  We kissed passionately and hard with lots of tongue exploring each other. As we kissed I opened your skirt and let it drop to the floor followed by the blouse.

Kneeling before you I kissed your chest before releasing your bra. Then your breasts and nipples fell victim to my hot breath and kisses. I sucked your nipples searching for mothers milk causing you to moan and beg for more.

Glancing over we both saw a raging hard cock begging for attention.

Then I kissed your tummy and lower as I slowly lowered your now wet panties. Coming to a glistening wet spot I pressed my lips hard against it before lowering them and kissing that spot without the panties.

When you finished teasing, kissing, undressing my body we moved to the bed where again we kissed long and hard.

Slowly I kissed your neck, chest, breasts and nipples as my hands moved on your thighs, especially the inner thigh. Moving my head down I began to kiss your inner thigh and slowly upward. Sensing your scent my mouth found the wet opening. Holding you open my tongue ran up and down your slit from where it touched the sheet to your clit. Each time I dwelled longer at the opening and on your clit.

Holding you open my tongue found the inner walls. Then my lips captured your clit so my tongue could ravage it as my fingers pounded you, no it was an outright finger fucking. Sensing you were at the brink my fingers continued as my face moved down. Drown my face in your nectar, let me taste all you can make. Your orgasm was violent and loud as your man just whimpered in his chair.

Kissing you with your nectar on my lips, feeling your tongue searching my mouth, I was ready. Mounting you I eased into you. Not sure if you were that tight or it was my size but you took it all slowly inside. I felt you wrap your sexy legs around me pulling me deeper and deeper.

All the way in I began to rock and move in you as I nursed at your nipples. I wanted YOU, I needed YOU. My cock hit the top causing a whimper but you begged for more. Actually you were screaming, 'harder, deeper''.

Your hips began to rise with each incoming stroke. Amazingly you did take more of me even deeper. My movements got faster, deeper, pushing harder as your muscles grabbed me, pulling me and milking me. 

In unison our moans turned to screams as you came and I unloaded sperm, streams of sperm into you. At that same moment we heard a guttural sound as your man managed to loosen one binding and stroked to the point his load hit my back on the bed.

Now all I can dream of is the next time with you lover ...



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