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One False Move!

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The Lovely Chris asked me to help him prepare something of a surprise for my sister. Never, in the field of human sex appeal, has so much been asked of so few! (Iet me!)

“I want her to find me totally shaved…..and I want it to be a surprise. Will you do it for me?” 


Oh dear. 



First and foremost, every hole I have has happy memories of The Lovely Chris’s cock, and being in close proximity to it in any capacity other than fucking or sucking it is a big ask. Secondly, he is a very close friend so why not? Thirdly, he is delightfully hung as it is….more than enough to make a girl wonder if she could take him without pain AND enough for her to not care! No hair will make him look enormous. 



A can of shaving cream, a good quality razor, and a pair of hair clippers to get rid of the larger proportion of it and I was ready to go. 



Kneeling in front of him is nothing new to me. Kneeling in front of him and not taking his cock in my mouth is. Regrettably, the memo that this wasn’t to be a sexual event hadn’t reached my cunt, so I felt myself wetting up magnificently. 



His lower tummy and pubic mound were easy, as were the hairs at the base of his cock, but guys, please, someone tell me….why are scrotums the absolute bitch to shave? If there’s some kind of trick to it please tell me before I do it again. It was a fucking nightmare. Balls move around so much! Plus, yes, of course, it wasn’t long before he was rock hard and oozing pre-cum. 



Talk about restraint! I told myself several times, “Oh, just make him cum! Things will go a lot easier once he’s shot his load.” I damn near convinced myself too! But I didn’t. Even with his fully hard, and now seemingly much bigger cock waving and on occasion (accidentally) touching my face! 



And oh, the scent of him. I don’t mean the shaving cream, I mean him. His unique maleness. Girls get a sort of aftershock of it after we’ve sucked someone off and swallowed them. Their whole essence seems to float around our heads, and so it was now, partly remembered, partly real, and completely in need of a refresher! 



Between my legs was a total embarrassment! I get wet enough anyway, but this, knowing I wasn’t going to get anything from him, was a level of arousal even I haven’t endured before. I say ‘endured’ because it verged on the physically and emotionally painful for me. If ever a girl felt like raping a guy it was now. 



At one point, I glanced down between my legs as I got up and there was a spot of wetness on the floor! Ask any girl, and she’ll tell you it takes something to become so aroused you wet right through your panties. 



I knew I’d wank off as soon as he left, but in the end, I didn’t get the chance. He literally swept me off my feet and carried me back into my bedroom, lay me on my bed and parted my legs. A wry smile stretched across his face as he saw the state of my underwear, and what he said next almost made me cum in my panties without a single touch. “You know Anna, you really are the most sexual, horny, dirty cunt I’ve ever known.” So saying he simply pulled my panties aside, and licked painfully slowly from my bum hole, up between my labia with such exquisite slowness that as he touched my clit I arched my back and came on his face. The orgasm was immense on a cosmic scale. It actually hurt my tummy muscles. 



He did no more than that, and as I watched him wrestle his meat, still fully erect, back into his boxers and pants, all I could think of was that in about 15 minutes' time, my sister was going to be impaled on that. 



Lucky bitch. 




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