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On the Farm

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I grew up on a farm. It was mainly arable, but dad kept some livestock. Horses, cows and sheep.


I have been around animals all my life and was quite used to seeing the excitement in the early spring as the urge to breed became unbearable. This, though came like a bolt out of the blue. My dad had a couple of thoroughbred horses. They were beautiful animals and from time to time he would mate them and sell the resulting foals on.

This particular day, the stallion was being led to the mare who was tethered. I was watching as I usually did. As the stallion sniffed around the mare's back end, she spread her legs and peed on the ground and all over his nose. His cock began to unsheath and then stiffen. I remember suddenly, like the throwing of a switch, looking at this in a different way. Suddenly, my clit started to throb. As he was teased and led away from her and back to her several times, I began to anticipate the moment when he would rear up on her and slip that monster inside her and fuck her. I began to cream my panties BIG time.

Suddenly he was on her and in her and pumping away. As usual, he came fairly quickly and as he pulled out, sperm ran out of the mare's vagina. I couldn't take it any more and ran off into the barn. Up in the hay loft, I struggled out of my jeans and panties and flopped back on the hay and jilled off to a huge and really wet orgasm. I think I peed myself, but it was the first really, oh, I dont know, erotic....dirty....whatever, orgasm.

I am 23 now, and I make a point of watching the animals rut. Sometimes, I think about being fucked by a man with a cock that big, but I don't think I am really that into men. I started having lesbian fantasies when I was 15 and had a few experiences with girls at school. Nothing too much, just mutual masturbation and once, I touched the other girl and she did me. I haven't you know, gone down on another girl yet, but it is definitely on my 'to do' list.

Mostly, I love masturbating around the farm. There a lots of outbuildings and I have cum in most of them. Sometimes, I like to wander around the fields totally naked, or I will have a fantasy in my head that I am being chased. (When I have that one, I shed clothes as I run until I am only in my panties, then I like to 'cower' against a barn wall, where I am so 'frightened' I pee in my panties before jilling off as my fantasy attacker fucks me.)

I shaved my pussy as a Christmas present to myself.



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