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Every Boy

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I love my parents but I wish they told me some things sooner.


I was 13 when this happened, maybe not even that old but I was around an age when most people would expect a girl to know at least the very basics of the opposite sex's anatomy. This was a while ago though and things were not like they are today as far as children having access to so much information yet even still I probably should have known enough not to be taken back at the realization that boys did not look the same as girls.

Perhaps I was just merely naïve or I may have been sheltered too much, my mother was ultra conservative. I never gave any thought to boys even though I had friends who were boys I didn't think about things like how they went pee. Why would I? I had never seen my father nude and I don't think I would have even if he was home a lot because he too was conservative so I couldn't envision him walking around the house nude in front of his daughter and being comfortable with it.

My father drove trucks and was on the road much of the time and when he was home he spent time with his buddies and also with other women so I don't know when exactly my Mother and Father officially divorced but the marriage was over long before that. My Mother met a man named Steve who was very nice and Steve had a son of the same name, I think his son was 12 when he moved in with us. We got along fine because Steve J.R. was very easy going and I was the same way.

One day we had gone to the park just little Stevie and I and he says to me that he had to relieve himself so he walked about 10 feet away from me turned his back and pulled his shorts down in the front. Now here is this boy not that far away from me standing up and peeing like a horse and so I became curious, I walked up to the side of him and looked down.

His penis was the first one I had seen so I didn't have anything to compare it to it was just kind of this slightly purple wrinkly thing with water shooting out of the end, that's what I remember. Stevie looks at me and told me to stop looking and he turned away and every time he would turn away I would move with him as to still see his penis and he kept telling me to stop but I wouldn't listen and he got angry. When he was finished he quickly pulled up his pants and started walking home, I apologized over and over but he wouldn't have it.

Later that night my Mom sits me down and asks if I tried to look at Stevie while he was relieving himself and I admitted that I had. My Mother told me that now that I had seen Stevie there was no need to do anything like that again because all boys have penises. I asked why they needed something like that and Mom replied something to the effect of 'that's the way they were made.' I probably asked her about every man and boy we knew including my Dad. I would say 'does so and so have a penis?' And my mom would say yes and I'd giggle like little girls do at the thought of these various people I knew having to have something that peculiar looking attached to their body.

My Mother telling me that every boy had what was called a penis actually made me go on a mission to see every boy's penis in my class and in my neighborhood. Over the course of a few weeks I would talk a lot of boys into revealing their private parts to me without even having to show mine most of the time. It had gotten out among the neighborhood children that I was doing this and eventually back around to me so I stopped but one day I was walking past a group of older kids and one of them I'll call Daniel who was about 15 years old walks up to me and says that he heard that I made his little brothers show me their private parts. Then he asks why I was doing that kind of thing and I said I didn't know then he got me to walk with him to a semi-secluded area and he pulled his pants down and said something like 'this is what little boys look like when they grow up.' I remember that Daniel's penis was very different in appearance from the other ones I had seen; it was surrounded by thick dark hair and was very broad and elongated. Daniel didn't do anything else except pull up his pants after a few seconds of my gawking and left me with even more questions such as when exactly does this change happen.

With all I didn't know so late in my childhood it's surprising that I am in the medical field today as a Nurse, I also taught sex education in different public schools over the last 8 years and when my daughters were 8 and 9 years old I explained to them everything about their bodies as well as boys bodies. This experience has in many ways shaped my attitudes towards sex and body issues because I think I should have known something more back then. My parents not being open with me at an earlier age about the basics of sex I believe had an impact on my infamous sexual reputation in High School and College.

I tell my girls everything and I also tell them to wait until marriage before sex and anytime they have a question I will answer it in an honest and detailed way.



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