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Something new for me.

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By now, anyone who reads my little ramblings knows I am a very sexual person, and will, well, drop my knickers for pretty much anyone, any place, any time. This happened with Bill, the person I rent a room from.


As I told you, Bill has been on his own for a long time, and I am doing my best to rekindle his sex life. 

We had just got down to our undies, when I asked Bill if there was anything he would particularly like to do. He replied by saying he would like to spank me. 

I wriggled into position over his knees, and he gave me a few half-hearted slaps on my arse over my panties. It didn't do much for me, and even less for him, so I asked him what he would REALLY like.

He told me of his first girlfriend, a girl called Allison who he met at school. Allison, it appeared, had a fetish. She 

Irked being caned. She and Bill often played naughty schoolgirl/teacher, and Bill ended up caning her before fucking her. I wasn't sure. I'm not into being hit with an object, but the instant bulge in bpBills pants told me it could be interesting, so I agreed.

He got an old fashioned garden cane, stood me up and gave me a slap on the bum with it. This was very different to his hand. Then he hit a little harder, and a thin, knife edge of pain shot through my arse to my cunt. He was very good at this, finding exactly the same place each time, sometimes hitting hard, sometimes just stroking the spot with the cane. Each and every time sent a jolt through my cunt and up to my clit. 

I was going to cum doing this. 

I wriggled a little, and told him to call me Allison. That did the trick for Bill, he used that thin little rod brilliantly, and I felt the wetness in my knickers and the white holt welt on my arse was bringing me closer. 

Then, with a beautifully teased, well timed tap, he brought me off, still standing, my bum muscles clenched tight. I came long and hard into my knickers, and Bill applied his finger to the impact site which kept me going for far longer than I normally cum. 

I could see the wet spot on his pants and the massive hard on thismhad given him.

I guess I better not say what happened because the censor will pull this story. Lets just say it involved my bum and leave it at that. 

The gift that keeps on giving

Of course, he had marked me, and drawn quite a welt under my knickers. So much so that just sitting down was painful for a couple of days afterwards, but not just painful. Every time it hurt, I got aroused, wet and tingly. I had to masturbate a lot over the next two days. And Beth asked me why.

Beth is Bills daughter, and I am fooling around with her too. Since she's unemployed now, it's hard for me and Bill to find time together, and I guess (hope?) it's only a matter of time before we have a three way. I told Beth and she told me that as a child, she was slapped on the bum as a punishment, and that in her teens, she did wonder if it aroused her dad because she saw a bulge sometimes. 

When I showed her my little injury, she insisted on kissing it better for me, which led to a delightful hour with or fingers and tongues. She also liked my arse out.....and we know what had happened to that earlier. "Mmm... salty" murmured Beth. 

afterwards, I lay in her arms and told her outright that I was going to fuck her dad. She was silent for a while,and then told me that she thought it would do him good and that she didn't mind, imwent further, and said that it might affect us, as there might be times when I have his sperm on or in me. 

Beth really surprised me by telling me that as a teen she would,sometimes finger herself imagining that her dad was fucking her. Apparently, Bill and his wife were very noisy, and Beth would always know when they were fucking. "Sometimes, I just imagined it was me" she said, simply.





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