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My Darkest Fantasy

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This is what I FANTASIZE about when I want something dark and forbidden...but it came about from me overhearing my parents.


I used to listen to them. As soon as I got old enough to understand what an 'early night' meant, I would listen to the little sounds that went with it. The bed squeaking made me giggle, but sometimes I think they did it out of the bed and then I could hear the moans and sighs. As I got better at listening to them, I would hear muffled words. Then, (finally...duh!) the penny dropped that our closets were joined by an air vent that was blocked up. A little work and soon it was open... THAT worked a treat. I could sit in my closet and listen in real good.

One night, I guess I was 19, I heard them start, and it was a night that I guess they didn't use the bed. I knew that they did it on the floor sometimes, and that night, I learned that they did it up against the wall too. I could hear every single dirty word they said to each other AND what they were talking about. I don't know the exact position they used, but in my dirty little mind, mom was standing up facing the wall and dad was doing her from behind. They were saying the usual 'Fuck me.. fuck me hard' stuff, and dad was saying 'You like my cock, bitch? You like me screwing your dirty little cunt?' Of course, this had me wet as all hell and jilling myself silly.

Then, one night, they were doing pretty much the same thing, but mom said 'Elizabeth will be doing this kind of thing soon.' (I wish!) 'She will have someone drilling her and loving every minute of it.' Dad said, 'Huh, I bet she already is.' (Again with the I WISH) Then mom said 'Imagine her getting royally fucked. I bet she pushes back against him like this' (Dad groaned) 'And looks over her shoulder like this and says ohh. do me.. yes,... cum in me' Dad moaned again and obviously shot his load into mom.

I scuttled back to bed and lay on the covers. I took my pjs off and put on my only item of sexy underwear which was a little white cotton thong.

Then I had the naughtiest thought. Mom talking to dad about me getting laid and made Dad cum. What if he came... in ME? I stroked myself over my thong, and spread my legs. Then I pulled it to one side and fingered myself. In my mind, I imagined my dad kneeling between my legs about to enter me. It was such a bad thought that it made me actually breathless.

Then I decided to stand up. I had never cum standing up before. My bare (and very small) breasts were pressed against the cold wall and I had one hand reaching round behind me fingering my hole and the other on my clit. I looked over my shoulder like mom had said. I whispered 'Ohhh daddy. Fuck me. Push you cock inside me...take my cherry'. As I got to the edge I said, a little louder this time 'Do it in me daddy... spunk up me.'

Well, the orgasm I got was utterly...well... wrecking. I think I even blacked out because when I came round from it, I was crumpled up on the floor and I was totally soaked. I had also wet myself.

Since then, only now and then, when I want something really really dirty, I imagine my dad fucking my brains out. Sometimes I vary it a little and have mom watching. Other times I like to pretend he is seducing me almost against my wishes. All I know is that the orgasms when I think of something 'Bad' are truly immense.

In the real world? Well, I am 23, and sadly, despite trying REAL hard, still a virgin! (Don't ask...!!) I masturbate every single day at least once, but I have learned to make it work for me in a variety of different ways. All in all, apart from 'doing the deed' I have a varied sex life which suits me at the moment.

I must admit though, I do have a 'dark side' to what I fantasize about though.

Would I do anything for real with my dad? Oh for fucks SAKE....NO!!!! This is fantasy, folks. Even so, I would love to have sex..(with anyone!!) and I when I start my sex life with another person, I want it to be varied. I would hate to become like my mom and dad. Tuesday and Friday nights...regular as clockwork, with NO variation...ever. I would love to find them fucking in the laundry room, or the garden...jeez... how boring it must be for them.



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