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It's All In The Mind.....Isn't It?

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This was still “snow day” at Uni. I said I felt horrible and that I thought it would be a masturbtory day for me.....I was right.  First though, I knew a boy from school who was a slut. He was also an Olympic class masturbator. He loved wanking, and he loved being watched. Every so often though, he would wank himself so much that he actually got friction burns on his cock. I mention this because nothing is worse for a girl than wanting a wank, but having a sore clit from over use. Yes, you can bruise them. Yes you can give them little skin burns too.  Oh. In other news, I’ve ditched my clit piercing.....too much. Way too much. 


When I masturbate, there has to be a context with it. 

There's “naughty Becky” when I will fantasize about fucking my dad or my brother, or someone that I really shouldn’t. 

There's “virgin Becky” when I imagine I’m getting these feelings for the first time, and it’s all new, scary but wonderful.

There's “Dark Becky". This Becky wants to be raped, forced, humiliated, exposed....everything a girl shouldn’t want. 

Lastly, there’s “Dirty Becky”. This Becky wets her panties. This Becky likes being peed on, and enjoys peeing on others. This Becky enjoys food play and loves having cream or something similar rubbed into her or dropped on her. This Becky lays on the floor while people wank on her. 

Being female, there’s also crossovers between all these feelings....these contexts. It’s not always clear cut. 

From my room, I could see them. Four sports study students on the playing field that’s next to my hostel. What were they doing? What else would sports studies be doing on a snow covered field? Writing their names of course! Although they had their backs to me, it was obvious they were peeing and attempting to write their names in the virgin snow. (No wonder Inuits say “Don’t eat the yellow snow”).

Well, im due on.....any moment, in fact. And when I’m due on, I get wistful, introspective, virgin-like and secretive...just like I was before my first period. Girls go very secretive when they’re on, after all, it’s not something we advertise. I realised that I’d dressed “virgin” as well. I’d spent a while hunting down white panties, and because my boobs ache, I’d decided to bother with my soft cotton training bra as well. Not usually something I’d do. I had a dress, because I hadn’t planned on going outside today, (not after the Dean’s warning, anyway....I’ve got to be careful) and an ordinary pair of black tights. 

But I still felt 14. I still felt vulnerable, shy, even. Knowing something would be happening between my legs led my focus there......but those students.....they had peed in the snow.....

my boots crunched over the thick snow. There’s no other sound like that, is there? Walking past where they were, I noticed that two of them were hopeless, but one had made a very good job of his name, even managing to dot the “i”. Impressive dick control! 

I trudged on until my hostel was a speck at the other end of the field. The surrounding hedges, bare of their leaves, scratched with black branches against the heavy grey sky, and a few new snowflakes fell on my face. 

I knew I couldn’t last much longer though. My mind had me back at 14....an innocent virgin, with her mind focussed between her legs. Oh, the pressure. I looked around and saw I was utterly alone. Then I squatted and lifted my dress. Of course, I was already wet. My scent changes subtlety when I’m about to come on, and I noticed the difference immediately. 

I felt naughty....I WANTED to feel naughty. After all, good girls don’t deliberately wet themselves, do they? A flashback memory stirred. So long ago, and so isolated I had forgotten it. I was 13...just turned 13, in fact. I had been walking home through fields of wheat with a boy from school. We weren’t involved in any way. He was just a good friend....still is, as a matter of fact. He’s that sort of “Male sister” some girls find. We’ve never been romantically involved, but we understand each other at a very deep level. We had been talking about school when suddenly I said. “It’s no good. I need to pee” Then I added.....”You can watch me if you like.” And he did. I just tugged my panties down and squatted and peed. He just watched. Nothing more. 

I remembered that was the first time I had shown myself to a boy. Now, I imagined him there again, those wide brown eyes staring at my lightly haired cunny. I felt that gorgeous feeling when you pee yourself of the pee not being able to get out, what with everything being squished up under panties and tights. And then that glorious feeling as it finds its way and spreads its warmth front and back before making a little stream onto the snow. It carries with it a girls pheromones as well, of course, and I could smell my sex again, amplified this time. 

Oh fuck I was horny! I knelt forwards, so my feet and knees where in the snow, and pulled my tights forward. I thought of my brother, wanking off into my panties, and how, once, I had let him wank into them while I was still wearing them. His sperm hit my tummy, then trickled down intomthe crotch of my panties. I had then pulled them up against me. Insanely stupid, thinking back, because I wasn’t on birth control at the time, but it was the first sperm I’d had between my legs. 

The orgasm hit fast and hard, making my breath spurt clouds of steam in front of my face. 

Walking back was a damn sight colder than walking out there in the first place. Whether the temperature had dropped, or whether it was because I had wet knees and crotch I don’t know. 

By the time I got to change my underwear, the tell tale pink smear announced the arrival of my monthly guest. I get insanely Randy when I’m on. I’ve never fucked at that time of the month.....yet.....but it’s something I think I would do if I had the chance. 

I've realised that much of what I write here on ST is more in the way of a diary than short, punchy “girl has a weak” stories. I’m sorry if I bore you.



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