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Alice In Wonderland?

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The first hot day since last summer! No breeze, just a gloriously warm day.

No, not hot…it will get much hotter later, but by way of contrast, it was one of those days that felt hotter than it was. 

Time to ‘press the button(s)'. The buttons in question being those that retract the roof and walls over and around my swimming pool area. Naturally, they’ve been in place since last Autumn, so there’s always a little creaking and groaning the first time they’re used again. But, to my delight, not this time. I’d had them serviced at the end of last summer and some form of specialist grease that is weather proof and doesn’t dry out or harden was used. Everything worked brilliantly. 

So, it wasn’t long before I was stark naked, lying on a lounger soaking up the sun. And then Alice my housekeeper came in bearing coffee. She looked around in awe and wonder. I don’t think she was expecting the effect to be quite so dramatic, or to find me, stark naked, and effectively outdoors! 

She perched on the side of another lounger and edged her way carefully to asking me if I knew I was effectively naked outdoors and how did it feel? Simple answer, try it! If not all in one, then in stages. I managed to persuade her down to her bra and panties, and for a while, I left it there. Then we tried going topless for a while before, eventually shedding her panties and lying full-length on the lounger next to me. 

I could tell from her respiration rate and depth that she was seriously aroused by this, but I had one more card to play. I got her to first slide her feet up to near her bum. That alone let some sun shine on her sex, but then I persuaded her to flop her knees aside exposing her sex fully. A few moments of this and she said, “I don’t think I’ve ever been so aroused!”  Since I was in the exact same position, I didn’t need to say anything. I just began to slowly masturbate…and to my delight, Alice tentatively followed suit. Watching another girl masturbate is both a thrill and a privilege, and you can learn so much about how they like to be touched too. 

We carried on like this for a minute or two. Then I unashamedly and deliberately reached for her panties, brought them to my face and inhaled…once……twice….three times.  Then…”What can you smell?” Perfect opportunity for a little education. “I smell your gorgeous cunt - I hate the word ‘pussy’…..and (deep inhale)……fabric conditioner, and..(deep inhale, followed by another)…..the most erotic, tiny, almost imperceptible hint of your pee.“ 

One of those delicious pauses - pregnant with possibility. “Can…..may I smell yours?” I handed mine to her and watched as she tentatively inhaled my musk. There are few things more erotic. To this day I can’t understand girls who lose the plot when they find someone inhaling their panties. It’s a ….a….. well, let’s say that whatever they are doing at the time, whether jacking/jilling off, or merely curious, it’s you they’ve chosen…and you who is having the effect on them.

I waited until Miss Brain nudged me in the ribs before saying, “So, what can you smell?”  Of course I got almost an identical response even if there was a slight hesitation over using the ‘c’ word with me.  Then she said, “What…what would you like to do?” I was on that like a terrier with a bone. “I’d like to smell you without the fabric conditioner.” Her reply was, “Mm…I think I’d like that,” 

Now, whatever made me play the tease I don’t know, but I got between her legs and just inhaled - nothing more, even though every cell in my body wanted to taste the sweet nectar I could see oozing from her hole. I knew she could feel my breath, and….oh, alright, I admit it….I did deliberately and incredibly gently blow once or twice. 

Finally, I felt a hand on the back of my head and the most gentle of pressures. So, a kiss, another, and then my unusually long tongue pressed inside her. She tasted every bit as heavenly as she looked. This was enhanced by the, ‘Ooohh fuuuck!” my tongue forced from her. I began to tongue fuck her and quickly realised how out of practice I am. With Emily away, (who adores my tongue bum-fucking her which, believe me, takes some muscular strength), I haven’t had the opportunity on a regular basis. I admit, I quickly tired, but that didn’t stop me licking her clit. 

And that’s when I felt her resisting her orgasm. She was moving away from my tongue every so often. Something was wrong. So, I stopped and asked her outright what was upsetting her. “When I was 14, I had my first orgasm….my first proper, undeniable, full-on cum. I’d had ones that I thought were orgasms, but in comparison, this was the most massive event…..and it scared me. It scared me because I wet myself….and no, it wasn’t that ‘squirt’ thing some girls can do. I peed my panties and wet my bed. Mum found out what I’d done and why and it was hideously embarrassing. I just began to feel like that again. I didn’t want to pee…well…in your face.” 

It happens. Girls have a very short urethra (yeah, thanks Tig for actually showing me one in a glass jar!) and the muscles of orgasm are all around it, and the….damn, what did she call it….oh well…the valve thingy that holds our pee in. When a girl is particularly excited, her orgasm can make her pee. Some girls adapt, some don’t. I told her that pee play is something I love, and do often - on my own of with Emily. I hesitated about mentioning that I’d taught Dani the delights of panty peeing though. Too much? 

Alice was silent, so I went back to gently swirling her clit with my tongue. Then first one, then two fingers. Her g-spot puts mine to shame. It’s truly huge and the slightest pressure on it makes her squirm and moan with delight. This girl must enjoy fucking even more than I do. Any movement in her vagina forced an audible moan from her. 

I had something else to test out though. She was easily wet enough, since her cum had been running down the crack of her bum since her knees flopped apart, so, I wet my left hand index finger by the simple expedient of putting it deep inside me first, then I applied a gentle pressure to her bum hole. To my surprise, rather than shying away from it, she pressed firmly down against my exploring finger, and soon I was knuckle-deep in her bum hole.  Then the heavens broke, and she came. She was almost screaming with pleasure and yes, she totally lost it and peed all over me….and equally yes, I loved it. I haven’t made anyone lose it to this extent for a very long time. 

After she calmed down, she wanted to do the same to me. Well, there are things I do for equality eh? She hasn’t licked a girl out before but after I told her to just do what she likes, she soon got into the hang of a tongue on my clit and a finger inside me. And between you and me, it wasn’t enough. For the first time in my life, I faked an orgasm.  (Bless me Father, for I have sinned.)  We chatted afterwards and she had a million questions for me, one of which required a detailed answer. “Do you like having another girls…er….cunt….next to yours?” I explained that scissoring is something I adore especially because with a ‘squirter’ there’s a good chance that when she comes, she will squirt at least on my vulva, and maybe even inside me. I also added that I enjoy playing with other girls’ panties. “Having another girl’s cunt cream and scent on me is wildly erotic. Sometimes, I even indulge myself and pee in her panties. I love the feeling of it, and the naughtiness of doing something we are trained all our lives not to do. 

I stood up and slowly pulled her panties on. As usual, the moment the crotch of them touched me it caused an involuntary shiver. Alice said, “You really enjoy that, don’t you?” I replied with “Having the most intimate part of a girl right next to me is the most amazing privilege.” (My turn for a pause) “You should try it.” 

And so she did. She, somewhat hesitantly, truth be told, picked my panties up and pulled them on. The moment the crotch of mine touched her, she too gave a little shiver. "Oooh! I see what you mean! It does feel rather…naughty….rather dirty, doesn’t it?” (Dirty?) “Well, I mean we’re always told, aren’t we…clean panties every day. Never put on a used pair. I meant dirty in an erotic sense.”  “Just wait until you try peeing in another girl’s panties. That’s the best.” I truly wasn’t expecting the, “Show me?” that followed. I positioned myself over the guttering that runs around the pool, squatted so she could clearly see what I was doing, then disappeared into my own, admittedly somewhat perverse, mind. 

I imagined standing over her, straddling her chest, and peeing all over her ‘titties’ as she calls them. The erotic imagery was more than enough to really get me going, and brought me closer to the orgasm I was so desperate for. I also told her what I was thinking as, with almost painful slowness, I wet myself into her panties. 

When I’d finished, she said, “If I pissed on you now, could you cum again?” In all honesty I answered that I could. She walked four paces towards me and stood over me in exactly the way I’d thought about, but wearing my undies. It wouldn’t work like that, so I asked her to quickly take them off. Then she simply did as I had described. Oh, there wasn’t much because of earlier, but what there was carried an explosion of her pheromones, and was quite enough to, when I had jammed my hand between my legs, make me cum big time.  She pulled my panties back on, which I thought boded well. Then she said, “I don’t mind if you…you know…use my panties.” I opened my mouth to reply but she got in first. “Do you mind if I use yours?” Hmmm difficult one, that! 

A budding lesbian? I don’t know. I think there’s some of that in all girls, and it isn’t far from the surface either. Whether it’s nothing more than loneliness, or a little experimentation, or the beginning of a serious lifestyle who knows? Alice is sexually inexperienced, and she, well, she’s been here long enough now to feel the need for physical sexual contact. And I did warn her that this is a highly, and I mean highly  sexual household. 


Just how sexual became clear when, a little later that day Dani appeared on the doorstep and asked if she could spend her university ‘reading week’ with me. Hmmm….another difficult question! (Not!)



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