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Do Me In The Arse.

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Sometimes, I have raging, towering desires. Fantasies I simply must live out, or places I have to masturbate in. And when the desire is upon me, well……

Just lately, I haven’t had any cock at all….and I miss it. Moreover, I’ve been fantasising a lot about being fucked in the bum. I enjoy everything about this ‘depraved’ act. I enjoy it because as the Good Sisters used to say, “sexual intercourse other than by way of the vagina is the Devil’s work, girls.” I enjoy it from that burning sting on first penetration to the feeling of fullness, to the knowledge I’m being fucked up the bum, to feeling him cum in there. It makes me fabulously wet, and with either him or me masturbating me at the same time, it becomes one rollercoaster of orgasm after orgasm. 


I confided this to Alison, my sister recently. She’s engaged to The Lovely Chris, and therefore he is off limits to me now. Alison sighed and said “We’ve tried that.” (Lucky bitch) “but I just can’t get on with it. He’s simply too big for my bum.” 



Cue looooong pause while, I admit, I was thinking “well he’s not too big for mine, Maybe you’re just not trying?” Then she added “Anyway, I don’t really like it like that.” Ah…there it is. She doesn’t like it so she’s not relaxing enough. 



I still have sex with Alison from time to time, and at that moment, it had been about a month since we’d enjoyed a little mutual masturbation. I admit I was horny as fuck and I would have loved to eat her out. Then again, I know my sister well, and I know that sex has to come from her…it might be the gentlest of movements, or even just a look, but this time it didn’t come. 



What did come was, “I know Chris misses it…that way. Maybe you could…” Yes! Fucking yes! Where do I sign? 



So it was that three days later TLC turned up at my home. He actually looked embarrassed…like a naughty schoolboy being caught playing with himself. I’d told Dani he would be coming round, and why. I know she’s fucked him a couple of times, and her eyes widened in….in what…surprise? Maybe even jealousy. “Huh. Lucky bitch.” I told her that this wouldn’t be a ‘normal’ fuck, and that I wanted anal sex…and only anal sex. Dani looked me up and down and said “Now that’s something I’d like to see.” 



Of course I asked TLC, and, although he seemed a bit embarrassed, he agreed. So we went to Dani’s bungalow and into her bedroom where she immediately took her dress off. “Hey..I thought you just wanted to watch?” She said she did, but that she thought it would be off putting if she was fully clothed “…and anyway, I’ll probably want to wank myself off.” 



I can’t describe how glorious it felt when, after the perfect amount of foreplay, he pushed gently but firmly up my bum. I had both my hands on the headboard of Dani’s bed and was on my knees as he knelt behind me and eased into me. Fuck it felt amazing! Then he started to gently fuck me, but I knew the gentleness wouldn’t last. 



I cast a glance at Dani. She was sprawled in a chair, her panties pulled aside with one hand on her clit and the middle finger of the other up her bum. I felt a sudden rush of desire to replace that finger with my long tongue. I’d love to lick her bum out. Some people find that dirty…repellent even, but it isn’t. Intimate, certainly, but there’s something lovely about doing that for someone. I think it’s something a lot of people would like but are scared to ask for. 



Then things went up a gear. TLC stood up, while still buried in me. Now his legs were either side of my and he was holding my waist and beginning to really go for it. I let go with my right hand and brought it to my clit and almost instantly had the first of what would be many orgasms. This felt primal…like being anally raped…and I loved it. 



I actually saw Dani cum. I saw the contractions and I saw her squirt a little. I guess because I was in’ filth’ mode, I wanted anything and everything that was dirty and depraved. I wanted to bury myself between her legs and swallow her girl cum. I wanted her to pee on my face, freely and at length…..I wanted to force my tongue up her bum….I wanted….



I got no further as a cataclysmic orgasm ripped me from the world. I felt it coincide with TLC cumming up my bum. A perfect Union. 



Afterwards…..there’s always an afterwards, TLC and I lay spooned on the bed. The room reeked of sex, but sensitive as he always is, he quietly withdrew from me and left the room. This left me staring at Dani. Fuck, that girl has ‘desire’ written into her DNA. Her panties were still aside, and she was glistening with wetness….a wetness that was still flowing from her. I didn’t need to say anything…to ask…she walked to the bed, shedding her bra and panties as she came and climbed up until she was sitting over my face. I drowned in her scent as my tongue went to work, first on her clit, then inside her vagina, and finally probing deeply into her bum while she unashamedly masturbated over my face. It’s such a privilege to make someone cum. Dani didn’t hold back and she squirted over me. 



I thought we were done, but she gently rolled onto her back and asked me to sit on her face. To be honest, I wasn’t sure if I had another cum in me just yet….the one TLC gave me was shattering. I felt Dani’s tongue dancing in my hole….it’s like being fucked by butterflies….you can imagine what it felt like on a clit. 



But neither my clit, nor my vagina were where she wanted to be. I felt her gently parting my bum cheeks, and that dancing tongue moved inexorably down to my bum…..where it pushed deep inside. I must have contracted, because her tongue withdrew, and her gentle voice, pregnant with desire, said “No…relax….give me his spunk.” 



I doubt I’ve heard anything  more erotic. I took a few deep breaths and relaxed myself. Dani pushed her tongue back inside my bum and moaned in satisfaction. Then her fingers found my clit. Miss Brain stepped outside my body and whispered to me. ‘Look…Dani is licking your bum out and swallowing Chris’s cum from you. Have you ever done anything more dirty?” 



Threesomes? Fucking my sister? Fucking my dad? All were dirty, depraved, some may say, but this….this was something unspeakably intimate, and it cause me to cum. 



Dani and I spent the next hour together, being…well…being dirty as we could. We did the usual things two girls do, we peed for and on one another, and we did things I simply can’t write about here. They are too personal…too dirty, even for ST. 



As we lay covered in one another, I realised it’s been a while since Dani and I have done anything sexual. I assumed she had a significant other and she was getting what she needed there, but it was plain that this wasn’t the case. 



Later that night, I told Emily of my eventful day. Of course it turned her on like crazy, and of course it led to yet more sex. Afterwards, she said, “I’d really like to see more of our Dani.” Em is away such a lot, and she hasn’t seen Dani grow sexually as I have. I’ll ask Dani and see what she says. 




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