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Agua Orgasm

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My first technique ever...


Water was my first lover.

My very first sexual experience took place outside in my shallow pool with a garden hose. Im not sure how I figured it out but somehow I realized that if I put my thumb over the end of the hose while holding it to my "privates" it would feel good. The force of the water was very pleasing to me. I would sit for hours playing with that hose. My mother used to yell at me to turn off the water hose…I hadn't discovered that my fingers could do the job yet…so when she told me to turn off the water I got sad. I would resort to dumping out my pool and claim to my mother that I needed to turn the hose back on to fill it back up. This trick worked…most of the time…Good thing there were no water restrictions due to drought back then. LOL. 

I would use that hose to feel good yet I didn't orgasm for the longest time. I just liked the feeling of getting "there" even though at the time I did not know where "there" was…until one day I felt it….It almost scared me. That hose made me have a feeling that took me by surprise and made my heart beat hard and fast...it made me feel very very good…so good in fact that I wanted to do it more and more. I had never felt that sort of feeling before, it was so unusual to me. As summer came to an end and fall encroached upon us I was saddened that I would no longer be sitting in my pool for hours in the summer sun.

Thats when I discovered the shower head….And if I laid down on the floor of the tub with my legs spread out and held up the water would hit me down there and make me have the same feeling the hose gave me…

Thank God for water! 



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