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How To Please a Real Woman

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My message is for the guys who are not mature enough or haven't learned how please a real woman and are more interested in selfishly pleasing themselves.


I don't mean to offend but no matter the age group, the quickie 'Slam bam thank you Mam' quickie does NOT necessarily make a male eligible for a repeat performance. As time goes by a real women, especially one in search of a lasting relationship, likes to be gently caressed, fondled, softly kissed and talked to prior to proceeding to making love, especially not on a first date. Not this lady anyway!

You notice I said 'making love' as I do not as some call it, 'have sex'. I first need to get to know a man before passion ever crosses my mind. If there are any areas of common interest then I may consider going further. This may take a week or much longer.

When it comes to making love many men, and I use the term lightly, have little clue how to please a real women. Where have they been? All they seem to want to do is to penetrate and enjoy themselves thinking intercourse is as pleasurable to a woman as it is to a man. WRONG!

Little do many of them know there is such a thing as a clitoris and do NOT realize a massive 86% of all women do not reach orgasm by intercourse alone. I realize most males can have an erection just by looking at a female or thinking about sex but I doesn't work that way for a real woman.

Quite often it may take a fair amount of foreplay for several of us to become aroused. That is unless she is like some I read about in Solo Touch who are sex fanatics 24/7 and even enjoy having sex with a total stranger. Be assured we aren't all wired that way.

I would much prefer an extended session of foreplay with my special man who among other things pays attention to my body and clitoris before moving on to intercourse. Quite often after extended foreplay I enjoy getting off by slow masturbation and a little oral sex rather than being penetrated with a throbbing penis. Some of us enjoy seeing cum shots you know.

Please don't get me wrong. Intercourse is wonderful but it isn't the only way to please a real woman.

My point... if you plan to please a real woman be a gentleman, go slow and get to know what makes her tick before proceeding to making love as ALL of us do NOT fit the 'one night stand' category.

Get to know us, go slow, be gentle and treat us with affection rather than pure lust and the rest of your life may be spent in a world of sexual ecstasy with a real woman you had only imagined in your wildest dreams.

FYI-Yes, I have been married but I am single now and am still very sexually inclined and masturbate many times more than once a day. When the next Mister right comes along I just may teach him a few things about making love that haven't crossed his mind.



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