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My Cousin Carol

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My relationship with my older cousin Carol becomes interesting and more intimate when she catches me spying on her.


I have had many sexual experiences with my sisters and cousins and would like to continue sharing these. I am the one who wrote 'First Time With Cousins' (04-14-05 #15002), 'Watching My Wife' (11-21-05 #118019), 'Coed Junior High Camp' (12-23-05 #18470).

My experience with Connie, at camp, reminds me of two other junior high experiences.

Becky W was a friend of my older cousin, Carol. Carol was three years older than I and at this time about fifteen, with budding breasts, a boyish body and was tough. Her brother Jimmy and I would pick fights with her just to feel her breasts and butt but most often would lie defeated and exhausted after only five minutes.

Carol was unceremonious in grabbing our crotches and within seconds, we both would always be sporting hardons with Carol mercilessly squeezing our crotches. It was a win-win situation with regard to sensuality, but we both took a terrible beating each time. These wrestling matches were always followed by a furious masturbation session by both Jimmy and me.

I was staying over at Jimmy's house one weekend, which was only a two hour drive from ours. Jimmy is my age and grade, but he was involved in a church project and I was left to my own devises. They lived in an old, but beautifully renovated farmhouse at the edge of town. It sat on a half acre of land with a small barn coverted into a two-car garage with a loft and a tool shed. The loft was our favorite place with two overstuffed chairs, a mattress, several old, ragged blankets, and shelves everywhere for our 'stuff'. I was looking out the loft windows with a pair of old, Army binoculars when I spotted a tall, but pretty girl riding up the long driveway on her bicycle.

She was taller and more developed than Carol. Her hair was cut in a Dutch-boy style which made her look a little boyish, but her breasts and hips were obvious and the wiggle of her bottom when she walked to the back door showed off her butt nicely. Moments after she disappeared into the house, both she and Carol reappeared with blankets, a bag of chips, and a pitcher of probably lemonade. They slipped off their tops and to my surprise they were wearing bikini tops. They laid the blankets out and started sunning themselves. With one hand holding the binoculars, I deftly unzipped my shorts, reached into my tighty-whiteys and began working on an erection...my favorite pasttime.

Several minutes later, my aunt came out, talked briefly with the girls, then headed toward the garage where I was. Knowing she had no idea I was there, I continued my voyeur behavior. She started the car and drove away exchanging waves with the girls. By this time, my erection was full and stiff, but I was going to savor this situation, so I wasn't in a great hurry to cum.

Next, I watched both girls move their blankets closer to the house, but still in the sun. Carol went into the house and came back out in about a minute, while her girlfriend went around both sides of the house looking for something. When they both returned, they removed their shorts revealing white undies, not bikini bottoms like I expected. Now this was the early 60's, so little bikini undies and lacey stuff just wasn't worn much on common occassions, but nylon was in and afforded me a very nice view of their dark pubic hair and mounds. They laid down and in seconds their bikini tops were off.

I was was in junior high heaven! The binoculars gave me a perfect, unobstructed view of Carol's budding breasts and tight little nipples. Her girlfriend, who I found out later was Becky W, had perky, firm breasts that looked like bananas when she bent over. Her nipples were light and long. As my stroking increased I could feel the tightness building up, but grasping at every thread of control, I held off a climax but watched as precum oozed from my purple head.

Their nervousness showed as they wiggled their feet, pretended to converse (probably about boys), and constantly raised their heads to make certain no one was around. Carol sat up and said something to Becky who also sat up, cupped her breasts from the side and squeezed them together for a beautiful and sensual cleavage. Carol tried to do the same, but she just didn't have enough, but they laughed. They were sitting cross-legged and whisps of pubic hair stuck out of both their panty legs no matter how they adjusted themselves. That was all I could stand and I furiously stroked my erection to a long, intense climax sending several streams of cum down the side of the wall and completely covering my hand.

To my surprise, my erection didn't subside and fueled on by the slippery cum and erotic site, I was soon stroking for another climax which came with some effort. I lowered the binoculars to find a blanket to wipe myself when I noticed Carol looking my way. I thought it was by accident at first, but her head was elevated and I knew she must have caught my motion through the window. But she took a sip of lemonade from the pitcher and laid down again for just a few minutes. Then she got back up, said something to Becky W and went into the house. Meanwhile, I concentrated my efforts upon every inch of Becky W taking in her long legs and little sprouts of pubic hair. Her nipples were rock hard and long and she ran her hands over them a couple of times. She also slipped a hand into her panties and then smelled the result, something I later learned was common for women of all ages.

Then my blood went cold as I saw a movement in one of the windows on the back of the house. I focused my binoculars and was looking at Carol's image who was also looking through binoculars at me. She was bent forward leaning over the toilet in the bathroom and using the window above the toilet to spy on me. Her little breasts jutted out from between her arms, but only one hand was holding the binoculars. I couldn't see where the other one was, but her movements indicated they were between her legs working on her little clitoris. Unfortunately, she stopped shortly after we spotted each other, put down the binoculars, and gave me the finger.

I was petrified for many reasons. She could beat the crap out of me with both hands tied behind her back. She could tell her mother who in turn would tell mine. She could race downstairs and tell Becky W and my whole voyeur show would be over. I saw her disappear from the window and was already planning my escape to into the woods before they could get dressed and chase me. I was a fast runner,small, and could hide forever from them. But Carol did not come out, so I fearfully focused my binoculars back to the bathroom window and found nothing. Then I noticed the motion of her legs as she sat on the edge of the bathtub with most of her body out of view.

Being sneaky and tricky, I new that a better view of the bathroom could be had from the window just to my right and I quickly went over and was rewarded with only a little more of Carol in view. It was obvious what she was doing as she straddled the edge of the tub and slid her wet crotch against the cold, slick surface. I was just in time to see her bend forward and with little forceful thrusts come to a climax. Oh gosh, I was throbbing hard again and instinctively reached down to stroke my sticky penis. The head was so sensitive, I would hardly rub across it, but I knew I would be enjoying another climax soon.

Carol slowed her thrusts, took a deep breath and slipped on her panties. She grabbed the binoculars and looked in my direction, but I wasn't at that window anymore. I ducked down and quickly finished the job I started, spasmodically jerking and cumming but nothing came out. By the time I returned to the window, Carol was standing over Becky W talking then they both laid back down still chatting.

I stayed at this window and watched as they both lifted their legs about a foot off the ground and spread them. They did this several times and each time, both their panties slid higher and higher revealing more pubic hair. Then they put their legs together, grabbed their knees and pulled them up to their chests which bunched up their undies around their mounds allowing me to see the wonderfull pussy cleavage on both of them. I smiled at myself knowing that Carol knew I was watching and she was trying her best to give me many views of both herself and her girlfriend. This went on for another ten minutes and just as suddenly as they had appeared, they went back into the house with their clothes.

I tried several times, but my cock head was too sensitive for another round of masturbation, so I planned to head for the woods for a while. My aunt drove up the drive, so I stayed put and watched her from the loft. She walked to the house and soon after Becky W came out fully clothed and hopped on her bicycle and rode off. I was mentally undressing her until the very last second she disappeared. Contentment overwhelmed me and I sat back in a chair and leafed through a comic book I had seen dozens of times. Then I heard it, a noise from below and Carol suddenly appeared at the top of the ladder.

She was on me in a flash twisting my arm and pulling my hair so my head almost touched my back. Tears welled up in my eyes at the pain and hurt. She called me every name in the book punctuating each one with a twist of my arm or jerk of my hair. Her knee was hard against my senitive crotch and I could smell her perfume mixed with perspiration. Her closeness was almost intoxicating but rudely interrupted by my intense discomfort. As she let go of my arm, she pulled harder on my hair bending me backwards, then gave me a punch in the stomach.

I rolled off the chair and dry heaved a couple times. Yes it hurt terribly and it took a long time for me to catch my breath. Carol just stood there cussing me out. She ordered me to stand up which I did slowly barely able to straighten up. Then she grabbed my crotch roughly and squeezed. I yelled and collapsed on the floor again, but her grip tightened. Her hand engulfed both balls and my cock, but it was my balls that sent that sickening feeling through my thighs up into my abdomen. I was on my back and she bent over me closely and warned me that I was never to spy on her again, hissing each word from between her teeth.

She let go of my crotch and made fun of me knowing that I had masturbated while watching them. I told her that she does the same thing and her face reddened. She grabbed for me again, but I quickly rolled away and stood up. Telling her that I watched her masturbate on the edge of the tub made her even more red as she stared angrily at me. I said I wasn't going to tell anyone as long as she wouldn't and I saw her face soften a little but she warned me never to spy on her or her friends again. I tried to defend myself saying that I had no way of knowing what they were going to do. Then she asked me if I liked watching them exercise and I grinned knowingly.

Carol was always full of surprises and asked if she could see my penis and I said I would if she would show me 'her's' and she agreed. I pulled down my shorts and underwear and surprised myself as well as my cousin. My penis was long and red, but the head was swollen and purple. This was a sight I had never seen before and it must have been from the terrible beating I gave it earlier. There was cum crusted on my foreskin and in my sparse pubic hair. Carol gasped and held her hand over her mouth to stifle a giggle and I admit to being somewhat embarrassed myself. A little red-faced, I started to pull my shorts up when she sternly stated to stop. She came closer, got on her knees about two feet away and made her observations. She asked me if I could make it hard and I said it was pretty sore right now but she insisted, so within several strokes and squeezes, my penis came to life. Carol had a half grin on her face and said it looked nicer than her brother's. Then she stood up and started walking away.

I had that sinking feeling I was about to be cheated when I whined that she was supposed to show me her's. She smuggly stated that she didn't have a penis, but stood her ground and did not walk away. Obviously, she wanted me to ask her again and relished the almost absolute physical and mental prowess over me. I blurted out that I wanted to see her pussy and she smiled and in one quick motion her shorts and undies were around her ankles, but she kept her legs tightly together revealing nothing. Mockingly she asked if that was what I wanted to see and I pleaded with her to spread her legs apart. She released the shorts and panties from her ankles and walked over to the chair and sat down with her legs spread wide warning me not to touch anything.

Quickly, I knelt down between her thighs and looked at her. Everything looked so complicated compared to a penis but she was fascinating. She scooted down in the chair thrusting her hips forward and I smelled a distinct musky odor, but my eyes were riveted to the hairy scene before me. She said she would let me see more if I didn't laugh, but laughing was far from my mind. She reached down and pulled apart her lips revealing pink, wet flesh like I had never seen before. I gasped at this beautiful, erotic sight, knowing exactly where my penis could be and the pleasure I could have. Oh it was so very frustrating, but I held onto my sanity and told her she was really neat.

Carol frowned and said, 'Just neat?'

'No, really neat,' I said and she chuckled.

I asked her why she was so wet there and she said because she had seen my penis and that excites girls. That made me feel so proud that I might have something to please this rough and tumble girl cousin and beamed widely. I asked her if she was wet when I saw her in the bathroom and she closed her thighs a little but then spread them widely again and said that she was much wetter then. She said she would tell me more sometime later but for right now I should feel lucky to be able to see her like this.

And lucky I was! My penis was again throbbing and actually stinging and I could hardly keep my hands off it. Carol took one of her fingers and placed it at the top of her slit and told me this was the place on a girl that was like the tip of a boy's penis and it felt really good when it was touched. She grabbed my hand, extracted my index finger and moved it towards her sensitive area which was wet and red. I'm certain my eyes were as big as baseballs and my cock started throbbing and waving in the air. There was a certain amount of hesitancy on my part, but Carol confidently placed my finger on her spot and stared intently at me, watching my reaction.

Her warmth engulfed the tip of my finger as it touched her softness. It was very slippery and she gently rubbed my finger in slow circles. Her musky smell and the wamth of her pussy was overwhelming as I watched her pussy. She told me that this is what feels good to a girl and gently released my hand and urged me to continue. I felt clumsy at first with her clit slipping around almost avoiding my touch. I looked up and noticed that she had laid back in the chair and was staring blankly at the ceiling with her mouth a little bit open. Every once and a while, her hips would push forward which would push her clitoris harder against my finger. The color of her pussy lips was becoming more reddish purple and wetness was drooling down between her crack.

Just as my hand was beginng to get a little crampy, she reached down, took my hand away and started circling her clit herself. She smiled and asked my to play with myself like I did at the window. As I grasped my cock for the umteenth time that afternoon, a renewed hardness engulfed my crotch and my cockhead enlarged and became shiney. I knelt before her watching her masturbate and stroked myself at the same time feeling the tingle and pulsing already starting to rise.

Carol was beautiful to watch. She deftly rolled her clit in little circles pausing only to dip her finger slightly into her hole and bring up more wetness making little cracking sounds. Her hips make little thrusts of pleasure and her thigh muscles tensed occassionally. She bent her head forward to watch me as I increased my rhythm and headed towards an orgasm.

My orgasm was not as easy to achieve as I might have imagined and I started to furiously stroke myself only to come closer just bit by bit. Slowly but surely, I reached the point that every boy knows well and started thrusting my hips in the air and hunched over. I was oblivious to anything around me as the first wave of pleasure washed over me, then the second. I glanced up and saw Carol's hand quickly stoking that beautiful pussy and the third wave hit me hard, clenching my crotch with a force that was painful into my balls and abdomen and I let out several load moans. Another powerful clench overwhelmed me and I steadied my self by placing my hand on the chair right between Carol's legs. The next few pulses waned a little and then I was finally done, but my cock burned and stung.

Carol had slowed her stroking and when I was done, she lifted her left leg and I saw two dribbles of my cum running down Carol's calf. Her face was red but she sported a broad grin and simply said, 'neat' and then dipped her finger in for more wetness.

She said it was her turn as she quickly rubbed her clit, rhythmically thrust her hips in the air and stared blankly at the ceiling again. Her beathing came quickly and her stomach pulsed with each thrust. A low moan came from her chest and then she thrust her hips high in the air and furiously rubbed her whole pussy. Her face was crimson, eyes squeezed tightly shut, gritting her teeth. Her butt flopped down heavily on the chair only to thrust again at the air and come down again. Then she started gasping and curled forward towards me as the spasms overtook her one by one. Her legs clamped together trapping her still thrusting hand tightly against her crotch and a few more spasms came over her.

Suddenly she sat up, spread her legs widely apart and told me to look at her. Her pubic hair was wet and curly as she removed her hand revealing a glistening, purple colored pussy. She spread her pussy apart and I saw that one hand was completely wet and her pussy kept slipping closed, but she persisted and I was greeted with another beautiful, sensual sight. What I now know as her clitoris was sticking out about an inch all shiney and engorged. Her hole gaped open and wetness was all over. She grabbed my hand and rubbed it all over her pussy completely soaking it in her juices, thrusting against it and smiling at me all the while. Then she ordered me to rub it on my whithered penis which I obeyed, wincing at the sensitivity of it.

She reached down to her calf and wiped my cum from it and smelled it, then wrinkled her nose, but smiled appovingly. I smelled my wet hand and was surprised at the poignant, but arousing odor and once again, I felt hot blood pulsing into my cock and in a very short time it was erect and pulsing again. But to touch it was absolutely painful, so I just knelt there with a slight grin on my face watching Carol, lazily run her finger around her pussy. It was a bit awkward now, both of us coming down from our erotic highs, but Carol was always on top of the situation. She slipped into her dominant, tough role and warned me she would kill me if I ever told anyone, especially her brother, Jimmy.

The words absently drifted by me as I was still mesmerized by the sight of her pussy and the smell that had engulfed us both. She gave me another command, and that was to never spy on her again or she wouldn't show me her pussy ever again. As she stood and pulled up her panties, they became soaked with her wetness revealing matted, curly pubic hair. She told me the show was over in a stern tone and I slipped on my underwear and pants, still erect and sensitive. She told me I had better get rid of that before Auntie Jane saw it and then she giggled.

That night when Jimmy came home, we went through our usual masturbatory antics in bed, but I had to fake it because I was still very sore and barely able to keep my erection. As I went for a pee before going to bed, Carol walked into the bathroom. Doors were never locked in any of our homes and she caught me straddling the toilet and made no pretenses in staring and snickering at me. When I was done, she strode over, lifted her nightie and squatted down on the seat giving be a nice but brief view of her pussy. Her pussy lips spead apart as she thoroughly wiped herself and then she gave me a sweet peck on my cheek and we left the bathroon together.

Carol was my first real adventure with another girl and this was the first time I had ever had so much intimacy with her. Throughout the next twenty years, we enjoyed each other's sensuality in complete privacy and without telling a soul. Soon after this incident, Carol instructed me on how to seduce my older sister, Judy, with whom she had been sexually active since kindergarten. Carol never did much with her brother Jimmy, except for sexual teasing, and I began feeling sorry for him after a while and introduced him to sexual antics with my younger sister, Janice.

More stories will come as I think about them.



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