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Wife's Teasing Niece

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My wife has a niece who has to the the hottest and most beautiful woman to ever walk this earth. She is five-ten with long jet black hair and 36C tits. Those long legs, which seem to go on forever, lead up to a perfectly shaped ass. Her skin has a natural tan. She is forty years old. Her face? Her face is absolutely beautiful. She had numerious offers to model when she was young but never had a desire to do so.

She and I have been playing around with each other for the past ten plus years. This woman has teasing down to a fine art. For example, this past Christmas she and her husband came over to our house to eat with us. I was in the kitchen and my wife met them at the door. My wife and her niece's husband sat in the den while the niece brought her dish to the kitchen. Before she sat the dish down her hand was feeling of my ass. Once the dish was on the counter her other hand cupped my dick and balls through my pants. I also managed to get in some quick feels of her body before we both retreated to the den to wait for the meal to finish cooking.

Several other family members came in before we ate and when we all started to sit at the table, the niece sat down next to me. My wife sat on the other side of me. The entire time we ate the niece was rubbing her long leg against me. She kept me hard the entire meal.

After we ate we were all sitting around the living room talking and watching TV. Leave it to the niece to sit opposite me and give me a show. She is so sly and smart that she can do things without anyone in the room seeing her. Her eyes were darting back and forth and as soon as she saw it was safe and that I was looking at her she winked at me. I knew that was her signal. She ever so slightly spreads her legs and I get a clear view of her white panties. This keeps up for a while. Later she gets up and goes to the bathroom. She returns to the same spot and sits back down. Then comes another wink and her legs spread again so slow and the next thing I know I am looking at her bare pussy. This is a signal to let me know that her panties are off and in the bathroom. I know exactly where she hides them. I go to the bathroom and find her panties and smell them. The odor of her pussy drives me wild. The crotch of her panties are soaked with her pussy juice. I lick, suck and chew the crotch of her panties as my right hand flies up and down my rigid dick. Smelling her pussy juice makes me cum quicker than anything and it isn't long until I am shooting rope after rope of hot cum into the crotch of her panties. I fold them up protecting my load of cum and put the where she hid them. I then return to the living room.

There are several conversations going on at once and no one is paying any attention to what anyone else is doing. Different ones are getting up to get water or coffee. Some are still nibbling on cake or pie. I am in the room only a few minutes until my wife's beautiful niece gets up and walks down the hall to the bathroom. She is in there for several minutes before she returns to her seat. She spreads her legs just enough to let me know that she had put her panties back on and then squeezes her legs together as if to capture all my cum with her hairy pussy. And when I say her pussy is hairy, believe me she has more than her share of hair around her pussy. She told me her husband wants her to shave it but she refuses to do so because she knows how much I love lots of hair. She also motions with her finger, moving it back and forth on top her her leg as if she is scratching her leg with one finger. That is her signal to me that she masturbated while she was putting the cum filled panties back on.

She looks at me and smiles and closes her eyes and her head goes back a little. This is her sign to me that she is feeling my cum all over her pussy and enjoying the feel.

Before the day is over and she leaves with her husband she has gotten me hard again. As her and her husband start to leave she hugs my neck and kisses me on the cheek. She wispers in my ear, 'I love you more than anything in this world.' She then kisses me on the cheek again and I watch her beautiful ass as she walks out the door.

I hate to see her leave but I know that at the first opportunity I will have that beautiful hairy pussy of hers to play with and do other things too.



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