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She Made It Hard on Me

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I used to teach school and I recall one year when I had this girl in my class who was an eighteen year old senior. Her name was Terry and she was a beautiful girl, long jet black hair, dark eyes, nice tan and a very nice body. Terry was not the smartest person in the class by far. In fact she would usually end up with a six-week average somewhere between 65 to 68 with 70 being a passing grade. I didn't like to give anyone an F that was that close but Terry didn't know that.

Terry had sat on the front row right in front of my desk from day one. It must have been about the fifth week when I noticed that she was sitting with her legs slightly spread. Being a male and in my late 20's at the time I could not help but look, even thought I tried to not let her catch me looking. I got a good view of her panties every day and they were always white. At the end of the first six weeks Terry wound up with a 68 average. I called her into my classroom one day and talked to her about her grades. She offered all kinds of excuses for not doing better. As I look back I think she was doing about as good as she could. Anyway I told her I was going to give her two points and make it a 70 and she would get a D, a passing grade. She was so happy.

The next week I noticed that Terry was showing me more of her panties and more often. Again I tried to look without her knowing about it, but it became apparent that she knew I was looking.

The same thing happened the second six weeks and I gave her a couple of points to get her to pass. It got to the point that when the class came into my room, Terry would sit down and spread her legs just about as far apart as she could get them and leave them that way for the entire class.

Around about the fifth six week period she dropped down to a 65 average. Terry and I met again and this time I told her I didn't feel comfortable giving her five points and that I should give her an F for the grading period. She began to cry and begged me to help her. I told her I would think about it. The next afternoon she came in and took her seat. I was giving a pop quiz and after I passed it out I returned to my desk and sat down. I scanned the class room to make sure everyone was working on their test and that no one was trying to look at their neighbor's paper. I then glanced at Terry and she again had her legs spread and staring me in the face was a big black mass of pussy hair. The little teaser didn't have any panties on. I sat there and my cock got hard as a rock. I could hardly take my eyes off her pussy. I finally made it through the class period and was glad that I had an off period the next period. As soon as the room was empty I went into my office and closed and locked the door and opened my fly and pulled my cock out. The head was leaking pre cum and I began jerking off. It didn't take long until I shot a huge load of hot cum. I caught it in a tissue so as not to mess my pants up.

I could hardly wait until the next day to see what Terry did. Again she had no panties on. This went on for a few days, with me jacking off each day after class. Finally one day she came in my room and said she wanted to talk to me about her grades. She was worried about passing for the year. I tried to be very stern with her and lecture her about trying to do better but finally told her that if she continued doing as good as she was at that point that she would probably pass for the year. When I told her that she gave me a hug and thanked me and told me that she would not disappoint me. For the rest of that school year, Terry was minus her panties every day and she gave me a good view of her pussy and I jacked off almost every day. One day she even, without looking up, let her hand wander down to her lap and took her finger and rubbed the tip of it over her clit a couple of times before putting her hand back on the desk. Before class ended that day I could see some pink and my my dick was leaking pre cum in my underwear. As soon as class ended I raced to my office and jacked off. Terry graduated and a couple of years later I moved to another school. I never saw saw her again, but she sure knew how to make it hard on a teacher.



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