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Watching and Listening to Joyce

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Joyce and I have been married for ten years. At first we had a wonderful relationship. We were very carefree and enthusiastic in our lovemaking. We were very open about our sexuality, discussing intimacies freely. We talked about our other sexual relationships. We even talked about masturbation, how we did it, how often, how we enjoyed it. I was fascinated and asked her if she would ever consider allowing me to watch her masturbate. She was absolutely unwilling, feeling that this was simply too personal and private a thing to ever allow anyone else to witness. She did, however, try to teach me to touch her and caress her to orgasm. Taking my hand and guiding my fingers down, touching just beneath her clitoris, she showed me how to stroke up and down with a very even rhythm and with just the right pressure. Unfortunately, I have never been able to bring her to climax this way. One frustration in love making was the fact that Joyce had never been able to reach orgasm by having sex with any of her lovers. She has been unable to this day. Over time our passions cooled and we made love less frequently.
One evening I went to bed, retired before Joyce. I was tired, but sleep simply refused to overtake me. After an hour or so of lying awake, Joyce silently crawled into bed beside me. I pretended to be asleep, laying there, following the curve of her form, softly traced by the dim glow of the bathroom night light.
Joyce was laying on her back with her knees raised under the covers, which was not unusual, but I began to feel a curious vibration in the bed springs. I focussed on it, feeling this gentle movement start and stop. I lay for a while, breathing as quietly as possible, as I began wondering if this could be Joyce. Was she laying beside me masturbating? I peered at where the blanket lay across her hips and watched very carefully, until I realized that I could see the form of her wrist briskly moving up and down in time to the vibration that was becoming more clearly noticeable. She was laying there with her knees up and apart, stroking herself under the covers. She would rub herself with fifteen or twenty quick strokes and pause. Then she would rub herself again. She masturbated with very regular touches and the pauses were always about four seconds. Her breathing was very quiet. I could tell she was trying very hard not to wake me. After a few of minutes of this, she began parting her knees more and raising her hips a little when she stroked. Joyce was making herself very aroused and began to tremble when she stopped stroking. Then a moment came when she began rubbing her clitoris and she just continued, rocking her hips ever so slightly for about fifteen seconds. Her little shivers shook the bed when she came. Then she drew her knees together and lay very still. It was a beautiful experience. I was electrified and aroused.
The next morning after the kids were away to school, I mentioned to her that I had been laying awake and was witness to her private and personal indulgence. She shrugged it off with sniff of disapproval and never said a word about it.



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