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In Her Panties

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Quite often my daughter's friend Dee sleeps over at my place. They are both 16 and absolute stunners. Dee is very chilled and has been friends with my daughter for several years and is very chilled at my place.

The other morning I was lying in bed and my daughter asked if Dee could use my computer to catch up on course work. My desk top is next to my bed, I said no problem as I was just dozing on and off. Dee came in with armfuls of books, said a quick hi and sorted herself out.

A while later I opened my eyes which were almost level with Dee's legs as she sat working on my computer. I had seen Dee several times in her bikini but I was struck by how firm her thighs were, her loose sleep shorts were ridden right up exposing almost her whole thigh. Then she lifted both her legs up and sat cross legged on the chair which looked very painful. Keeping still I joked with her about how she was sat, she smiled and half turned towards me, occasionally chatting but keeping her eyes on the screen. My eyes followed her thighs and then I realised I could see up the leg of her shorts to her panties stretched over her mound. Suddenly my cock began to stir as I stared at her puss bulging against the material of her knickers and the tender skin on the inside of her thigh. All sorts flashed through my mind, Dee and my daughter slept together when she stayed over and I thought of how damp her panties probably got as they talked through the night of boyfriends and such like.

I slowly moved my hand onto my cock and began to squeeze as I glimpsed up the leg of her shorts to her sweet mound, then she adjusted her legs leaving one bent beneath her and the other swinging free, as luck had it the one leg bent beneath her was closest to me so I had a good view of her crotch. We began an on and off conversation as she worked which was a little flirtatious. Then I noticed her pull her foot close between her thighs, her heal pressing right against her pussy and blocking out my view.

As she worked on and we chatted I saw her constantly pulling her foot into her thighs and decided she was riding the heal of her foot as I have read about it on here. My cock was now throbbing and I altered the conversation so it was a little sexy without being over the top. Dee began to giggle and as she sat there she was flexing her thighs some and grinding into her heal, her neck and face flushed and I dreamed of her sweet pussy leaking her scent into her panties. For the next half hour or so I edged several times until my daughter came in and said they had to go.

Twenty minutes later they were off and I jumped out of bed heading for my daughters room. Once inside I looked about the scattered clothes, my cock twitching and then I saw Dee's bag. Trembling I unzipped it and took out the still warm sleep clothes, tangled in the shorts were her panties, as I separated them from the shorts I could smell her, I held them up, thin white cotton panties with a playboy rabbit on the front, the crotch still indented to the shape of her pussy and the crotch stained, wet with a wide strip of pussy juice still visible. Wrapping the warm material around my cock I was thrusting into them after only two or three strokes, picturing her lips swelling and juicing through the night, wondering if she had given herself a little rub as they talked of boys and sex. Afterwards I returned Dee's loaded panties to her bag.



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