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Night at The University Library

Posted by: Age: 19 then, 24 now Posted on: 4 comments
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During a stop at the school library, I decide to give myself some overdue pleasure...


After a long day of classes, I made my way to the university library to do some quick research for an upcoming paper. I needed to locate a particular quote from a particular book, but I assumed it would be a fast, in-and-out stop.

Inside the library, I checked one of the computer terminals to locate the book I needed. I was told it would be found on the fourth floor (the top floor of the building), and off I went. I soon arrived on the fourth floor and found it completely deserted. It was late, but I was still surprised to see nobody up there.

I searched for the book, located it, and rather than check it out, I decided to look up the pertinent quote right there in the library to save me a return trip later on. I made my way to one of the back corners of the floor and took a desk that was right up against the back wall. I set about seeking out the quote I needed.

But I quickly found myself distracted. I won't mince words: I was horny. I had attempted to jack off that morning, but I was interrupted (probably only a minute or so away from orgasming) by friends stopping by my dorm room. After visiting with them, it was wall-to-wall classes until the evening. From class, I grabbed dinner, and from dinner I went right to the library to locate the aforementioned book. Long story short, I was feeling like an orgasm was overdue for me and I didn't feel like waiting until I got back to my dorm. I wanted to cum, and I was going to do it right where I sat.

From where I was sitting, I could see all the way down the floors main corridor, so I figured I'd have plenty of warning if somebody were to wander up to the area. Plus, the front of the desk came all the way down to my shins, so I was protected in that way, too. Up to this point, I had never really considered trying to get myself off in such a public place, but like I said, I was pretty worked up.

So, I unzipped my jeans and slid them and my boxers down just enough to allow me access to my cock, which was already at full hardness. I stroked it gently for a few moments, but then decided that the library was probably not the place for a leisurely session, so I started to jack off faster.

I was quickly going to town, feeling the wonderful tension building inside my cock, readying myself for that glorious explosion, when suddenly the door to the stairwell at the other end of the long corridor opened and a male student appeared. I didn't recognize him, but he spotted me and politely nodded his head in my direction before turning his attention to one of the bookshelves.

Despite my lower body being completely shielded from the student's view, my immediate reflex reaction at his appearance was to stop what I was doing. Being on the very edge of my orgasm taking over, I clenched by cock muscles as hard as I possibly could. In fact, it seemed as though all the muscles in my lower body tensed as I did all I could to stop my climax, drawing my hand away from my cock and gripping the edge of the desk. The impending feeling of orgasm began to die away, but I was surprised to feel something still rising up inside my shaft.

I looked down as creamy cum began to leak from my cockhead, and it dawned on me that I had stopped myself in time to hold off my orgasm, but not to hold off some ejaculation. The cum appeared not in pulses, but in a consistent stream, and rather than let it splatter onto the floor, I managed to catch the oozing semen in the palm of my hand. It was a load that was on the smallish size (compared to my average), which I was actually kind of thankful for, because if it had been a big one, I probably would have made a mess and drawn too much attention to myself.

The student at the other end of the long corridor hunted briefly for a book, located it, and then returned to the stairwell from which he had entered. I waited for the soft CLICK of the door closing to echo across the space before I finally released the breath I had been holding.

I looked down at the cum in the palm of my hand, and decided to try something I had never done up to that point: I was going to taste it. I had thought about tasting my semen in the past, but usually by the time I came, I lost interest. But here, having not yet orgasmed, I was still "in the mood," so I dipped one of the fingers of my other hand into my load and brought some of my cum to my mouth.

I was surprised to find that it didn't have much of a taste at all. Slightly bitter, slightly salty, but no overpowering flavor. For whatever reason, I found this to be disappointing, but I shrugged it off (it having done nothing for me, I've never since tasted any more of my loads). I had more important matters to deal with, like the still-hard cock between my legs.

If anything, the premature release - and the interruption by the student - had me even more horny than before, and I was excited that I was going to be able to indulge one of my favorite fetishes: masturbating with my own cum for lube. I covered my cock with the remainder of my first cum load, got it nice and slick, and then jacked off frantically.

My hand made a squelching sound as I worked my cum into my cock, and it was this sound that really set me off. The pressure began to build inside me as my hand pumped up and down as fast as it could go. I felt myself tense, and then I exploded into orgasm. I was cumming hard, with tight, deep spasms firing through my shaft. My cum pulsed out of my cock and splattered onto the floor under the desk. The orgasm was amazing - very hard and richly pleasurable.

I kept jacking until my cock became too sensitive, and then I sat back in my chair, suddenly exhausted. I waited for a minute to regain my composure, then I used my clean hand to pull my pants and boxers back up. I quickly went to the bathroom (which was nearby), washed my hands, and grabbed some tissues so I could clean up my mess on the floor back at my desk. Clean it up I did and, now fully satisfied with an awesome orgasm, I could focus on my school work.

In the few years since this happened, I've tried to replicate this kind of double ejaculation through edging, but I've never quite managed it. It usually just results in unsatisfying/weak orgasms and a loss of interest in continuing. I guess that just means I'll have to keep practicing!



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