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You Can't Ask Your Mom

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I HATED school. I lived in a horrid tough area and there was so much aggression in school. There was no girly stuff and all I heard in the playground or the changing rooms or bathrooms was girls talking about 'fucking' and 'banging me'. I didn't want anything to DO with that.

But then again I had these feelings. You know. FEELINGS! I used to touch myself when I had a bath or shower, but I got scared because there was this tremendous feeling that started to well up between my legs and in my lower tummy. I would stop WAY before anything happened. One thing was for sure, I know SOMETHING was happening. So from 13 on I would touch and stop.

I didn't have any close friends and no sister, and the only language I knew was the crude talk I heard at school. Mom had made a good job of the puberty thing, but hadn't talked about sex other than to scare me about how easy it is for a girl to get pregnant. It was also obviously hard for her to talk sex to me. Of course, I couldn't really say 'Hey mom. Teach me how to have a fucking good wank' which was the expression of choice at school.

One day though, one blissful day, all my questions were answered. Actually, it was over nearly a week. I realised that Mom went to bed early sometimes. At the time I thought she was tired, but one day I happened to be in my own room and I heard sighs coming from her room. I peeked through the grill thing that is an air vent between our rooms and saw her on her bed, legs open and doing exactly what I do to myself. I watched and she went fast, slow, fast faster then she stretched out and started to gasp. Something pretty good had just happened to her. She lay there for a while after and dozed off to sleep.

From then on I watched whenever she said 'Mom's tired hun. Going for a lie down' Then I saw she did it different ways. Sometimes just her fingers on her clit sometimes inside, but sometimes the result was just what I felt might happen to me. Sometimes a lot of fluid squirted out of her. I felt like I was gonna pee when I got my 'feeling' and that's what made me stop all the time. Mom just let it happen. In fact, she seemed to know, because she would lie on a towel. She just opened her legs and let it squirt out. Those orgasms were really REALLY big for her. She would whisper all KINDS of dirty words to herself.

So that night, I got my bathtowel and lay it on the bed. I wasn't gonna stop. And I didn't. I rubbed, teased, did exactly what mom did. Except when I came, I know for a fact I peed myself, and the feeling. H-0-l-Y-S-H-I-T. No whispering for me, I couldn't stop crying out. I just KNEW mom had heard me.

She looked at me when I got downstairs and said 'Good one huh? Welcome to the club.'

From that lovely night on, I masturbated every day, sometimes three of four times. And at the age of 18 I still do.



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