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Drive-Thru Fun #1 In Series

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This is the first in a series of stories either Kristine (Shygirlsbabe) or I will share about us using our lush3's in public. 

Kristine and I enjoy watching porn, we ran across a couple of girls that do collab's together and several of them are where they use lush3's while in public. 


This looked like fun so we ordered 2 of them and have been enjoying some great times ever since. We do it as a game where you have to get through the challenge without having an orgasm. 



On this occasion we decided to go through a drive-up and order some drinks, I had the Lush inserted and Kristine was controlling it with her phone. We were in my jeep with the top off, I was driving so I had to be the one to order, pay and get the drinks from the person working the window. 



We pulled into the parking lot and found a parking spot (it would be very dangerous to actually drive around with it operating lol). Kristine turned the vibrator on and started playing with the vibrations to get me really worked up before I pulled around to order. 



Once I started to get really worked up I backed out and got in line to order. 



We were 3 cars from the intercom to order and she was really pushing my buttons (pun intended lol). I was really close to an orgasm but knew I had to hold it off somehow (I HATE to lose).



I finally reach the intercom and she had my Lush running as hard as it will go. It's everything I can do to get the order out of my mouth without moaning and orgasming right there. 



Once I get the order done she backs the power way down, leans over kissing me on the cheek and says, 'I'm proud of you luv."



 I look at her and say, "I love you babe, but you're such a bitch," and we both laugh hysterically. 



She continues keeping the vibrations low enough to keep me from cumming but high enough to keep me right at the edge. 



As soon as the car in front of us reaches the window to pay she goes back to pounding my g-spot again. 



As I reach the window to pay I am about to lose it but know I have to hold it in. With my voice shaking as bad as my hands I just about drop my debit card as I hand it to the girl and ask how her day is going. 



She doesn't say much as she just weirdly looks at me and hands me my receipt. 



As soon as she shuts the window Kristine gives me a break and backs the power down again, kisses me on the cheek and said, "You just about didn't make it, I'm going to have to try harder at the last window," as she gives be a wicked laugh. 



I'm still trying to catch my breath and couldn't respond. Just as we get down to 2 cars to the last window she starts turning the vibrations up again and I don't think I will make it. 



When the car in front of us reaches the pick up window she again starts hammering my g-spot and it takes everything I have in me to not orgasm on the spot.



Once we reach the window I can barely compose myself enough to get anything close to coherent out of my mouth. The poor teenage boy at the window is looking at us like, 'What the hell is going on with these ladies?' 



As soon as he hands me the drinks I start to drive off without even saying thank you. 



I make it maybe 20 feet when I lose all control and my orgasm rips through me with a vengeance. 



As I'm moaning very loud I realize I am also squirting buckets. Thank God for waterproof seat covers!!



We pull into the farthest parking spot available, I look at Kristine and tell her she's going to have to drive home. 



When we get out to switch seats she grabs a beach towel out of the back to dry the driver's seat off best she can. 



Once in the passenger seat I take my shorts and panties off, throw them in the back floor, pull the Lush out and grab the towel from her to dry off with and cover up for the drive home. 



For the women out there that haven't tried the Lush, you should!!




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