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Bike Ride

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Where I live I like to bike a lot. And that includes to and from work. A few weeks ago I had some fun that I thought I would share.

Now to get to and from work I have to bike about ten or eleven miles a day. The road that I travel is out of the way and fairly secluded when it comes to houses and traffic. There are plenty of fields and hills on one side and on the other only forest.

I usually work a lot of nights. I don't get off of work until eleven. Well this one particular night I changed into the old ratty cloths that I bike in and I took off for home. It didn't take me long to get out of town since I work fairly close to the edge of town. When I was well past the last house that I would see for miles I stopped my bike. I glanced around to make sure that no one was around. There was a bit of a moon out that night and I could see just well enough that I didn't need my bike light. I then unzipped my pants and pulled my cock and balls out through the zipper. I only wear underwear at work. I then start peddling for home careful that I didn't crush anything.

As I biked home the night air, which was warm, gently caressed my cock. In moments I was hard. I reached down and began tracing my erection with my index finger. Already I could feel the precum. I peddled as hard as I could to build up some speed. I then stood up on the bike peddles. I wrapped my fingers around my cock and pumped away. Everytime I began to slow I would just speed up a little and continue masturbating.

I soon reached a small decline in the road and let gravity take over. I applied my front brake gently to slow my speed. I undid the button on my pants and pulled them down a bit exposing my butt and freeing my cock and balls. Having never done anything like this before it was exciting. I grabbed my cock and continued on. It did take some concentrating but I manage to stay on my bike and keep it straight.

As I masturbated I could feel balls my rub against my thighs as they bounced. This was feeling great and only making me hornier. I was breathing heavily with soft moans that mixed with the crickets and frogs that chirped away in the darkness. I knew I was going to cum soon. As I ran my hand over my shaft I made sure that the head was also looked after. I was so engorged. I sped up my pace. A moment later my cock throbbed madly. I tensed up and I came. As I came I could no longer keep my voice in check, I openly moaned with every spurt of sperm. I din't really care if anyone heard me at that moment. In moments my hand as covered. Some of the cum had been caught by my pants as well as the bare skin of my leg.

Applying both brakes gently I came to a stop. I gave a flick of my wrist which sent the build up of sperm on my hand flying. I cleaned up as best I could, did up my pants and headed off for home with a smile on my face.



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