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Wife's Loving Twin Sister

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I am an avid reader of Solo Touch and often see stories about guys who have the hots for their sisters-in-law. That has prompted me to write about an experience I have had with my sister in law. The sister in law that I am writing about happens to be my wife's twin sister.

Have you ever heard stories of the good twin and the bad twin? Well it just so happens that I married the good twin. She was a virgin when we married. As far as I know she has remained faithful since our vows. Not long after we married her twin sister came on to me. I rejected her advances but it did not stop her. Over the years her twin did a lot of teasing. I cannot count the number of times I have sat opposite her twin sister and knew immediately what color panties she had on, if she had on any at all, which usually she did not. Or meet her in the doorway and she would brush up against me, giving me a good feel of her tits as they rubbed against my body.

This continued on for several years. After about ten years of marriage I suppose our sex life got a little stale and my mind began to wander. I began thinking about her twin sister in ways that I should not have been thinking. Finally I made the decision that the next time she came on to me I was going to find out if she meant it or was she just teasing. Then one night it happened. My wife, her twin sister and I were all outside looking at the stars. There was supposed to be a comet or some unusual occurance happening that night. I don't remember exactly what, but when my wife went in to get something her twin sister turned to me and said, 'You do know that I am not happy with my husband.' I didn't say anything. I wanted to see where she was going with this. She then said, 'He will not use his mouth on me.' I looked at her and said, 'Where do you want him to put his mouth, right here.' As I said it I reached and put my hand between her legs and against her mound. She smiled and said, 'Yeah, right there.' I had just enough time to slip two fingers under the leg of her shorts and into one very hot and wet pussy. I sank my fingers into her vagina and then immediately pulled them out. I went up and touched her clit and her entire body jerked. About that time I heard the door open to our house so I removed my hand and smelled and licked my fingers as she stared at me with those dark eyes. I knew that night would not be the end of it.

I did not have an opportunity to be alone with my sister in law for several months following that night but about six months later we did find ourselves alone. I had to fly to the city where they lived for business and had arranged to stay with her and my brother in law. Do I have to tell you how excited I was when I got to their house to find out my brother in law had had to go out of town on business.

Finally my sister in law and I were alone, or almost alone, for one night. I say almost alone because they had a small child. I ate with them and about nine that night she put their daughter to bed. My sister in law and I had a drink. When bed time rolled around she took me to the guest bedroom and showed me where to sleep. She then said goodnight and went to the master bedroom and closed the door. I pulled off everything except my under shorts and lay down. Nothing had been said about the night that I put my hand on her pussy. I was surprised that she had not come on to me that night. Was she waiting for me to make the first move, or had she had a change of heart? Finally I could not take it any longer. I got up and with just my under shorts on I walked to her bedroom door. I didn't knock or say anything. I opened the door and walked in and got in bed with her. She turned over and as soon as I was in the bed she put her arms around me and started kissing me. That was the start of one hot night. She refused to have intercourse with me that night but I did get to see her beautiful pussy and finger her to so many orgasms that I lost count. I can also say I have never seen a pussy get as wet and sloppy as hers does. My wife has never gotten that wet.

She jacked me off three times that night and I showered her beautiful body from head to toe with my hot cum. She is a pro at jacking a cock off. She can do it better than anyone I have ever seen. Since that night we have done things that I cannot write about here but we usually stick to masturbation. Often we do not have time to get undressed so it's a quick feel or a quick jerk off and that's it. That's O.K. with me because I'm getting what I want at home and I think between me, her husband and some other men, my loving sister in law is getting what she wants.



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