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Having a Few Words With a Friend

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Misunderstandings and misinterpretations leave unanswered questions and one hell of a cum shot!


So I was following my daily routine of getting on-line and checking my page at the world's most popular social networking site, wading through the political stuff and the cute pictures with funny captions, making a smart-ass birthday wish to a friend of mine and generally seeing what was up.

I happened to notice an update from one of my friends. She said she had been having days of being grumpy and irritable and wanted to snap out of it.

Now just a word on this friend: You know how on social networking sites you can pick up friends you never knew you had? She is one of those. I never really knew her growing up because she went to school with my younger sisters. A lifetime of social ineptitude left me with little knowledge of just exactly who I had in and around me in the days of my youth and which of those are still around today. That said, she also happens to be one of those ones you wish you knew better, you know? Yeah, yeah, I know. She's been a happily married wife and mother for just about forever, one of the great stories from the successful side of the marital equation. Yay! But to be fair, she is stone cold fox. Just now on the shy side of 40 she looks nothing close to it. She is beautiful, intelligent, compassionate, with a killer sense of humor and a body that won't quit. Totally worthy of being considered 'spank bank' material!

And she was grumpy. Needless to say all the usual suggestions were there from friends and family; ice cream, exercise, comfortable clothes, a hot bath, etcetera. I tried to throw a positive spin myself on the situation then bowed out with the statement that my best suggestion was a bit too much to voice in an all-ages forum.

But my suggestion was sincere so I sent it to her in a private message. Basically I told her the best thing to do to lighten her mood was to 'rub one out' so as to flood her brain with the good chemicals we get from sex (and chocolate). As I put it to her, masturbation can be relatively quick when necessary and is always free. Chocolate is easier to partake of on a hectic schedule for sure, but is not always 'on hand'. (I couldn't help but laugh at my own cleverness on that one.) Seeing as how she has said she had just worked out and was getting ready to hit the shower, it seemed like the perfect time for her to get a touch of some of the 'best mood ever'. I apologized if my suggestion seemed rude and left it at that.

She sent me back an almost immediate message saying she would 'be sure to take' my advice and that I was 'sweet for caring' and wished me a 'stress free' day as well. Good Lord. Just the thought of this stellar hottie going into the shower to touch that hot body while rivulets of warm water cascaded all over it launched my cock into an immediate half-stiffy. I hadn't cum in a week, which is odd for me because I usually cum once or twice a day, often more when the mood strikes (which is often). My cock and aching balls were more than insistent in reminding me that I had been neglecting their daily care and feeding. Since I was already sitting at my computer I proceeded to start surfing the web looking for something that might get me the rest of the way there while keeping me in touch with the current inspiration. Needless to say, I didn't have far to go, but still wasn't having much luck getting to my destination.

While I was sitting there slowly and firmly pumping an extremely rigid and impatient member clicking through browser tabs with my free hand I noticed I had an update on one of my on-line games. I play that word game where you make words horizontally and vertically on a grid. I play it through the social network site and usually have several games going on at once. There was an update from my friend in the game with the message, 'That felt pretty good... Oops, sorry!'

Holy hell! She did it! That sexy little minx was getting herself off while I was working so hard to keep that same image in mind for my own enjoyment! Suddenly the images flooded fresh into my brain... dancing fingertips... rising steam... quickened breathing... DAMN! I launched a monster load out of the end of the tight pulsing beast in my lap, up all over my desk, my keyboard, everywhere! A week's worth of cum delivered at express speed to make up for all the missed regular deliveries! I sat there with my head buzzing and an incredibly good feeling in the pit of my gut where it felt like I must have been hoarding semen for no good reason at all.

I immediately messaged back telling her that was the 'hottest thing anybody said to me all week'. I told her I had also been working on my 'stress free' day and her little titbit 'made it come out much better'. What an oddly awesome shared moment that was and really, really cool. I cleaned up my epic mess and was feeling really good about myself for making such an awesome suggestion that worked for me as well!

Then I got the reply message: 'Not to ruin it for you but I was referring to my fifty-something point move. I reread it and I can see how it could be interpreted that way. So sorry. Next time I will try to be more specific.'

You have got to be kidding me. Not only was my friend NOT masturbating, I also just told her I totally blew my load thinking about her getting herself an O. Smooth. Real smooth.

Oh well. What could I do? I told her that it went from being the hottest thing I had heard all week to it being the funniest thing I had heard all week. I told her I wasn't embarrassed. It was what it was, and thanks to her, what it was was awesome. In fact, I thought it was so funny I told her I couldn't wait to tell people this story!

She immediately messaged back saying, 'Whew! I'm relieved that you think it's funny! It was an honest mistake. But to be honest, between your earlier 'suggestion' and all the laughing because of our mishap... I really do feel much better! BTW, 'it did''

So like many great stories, this one has a twist ending. It did? It did WHAT? The whole laughable ordeal actually made her feel better? Or did she actually do IT and IT felt pretty good (as her earlier statement led me to believe)? Did she really go and give herself some much deserved pleasure? If so, had she done it before with my subsequent misadventure bringing out her teasing confession? Or did she go and do it only after she realized that a grown man came like a fire hydrant imagining her in a leg-straightening, toe-curling moment of self-induced passion? Or the even worse possibility; that she offered that only as a way to keep me from feeling so bad about milking my meat stick for her? GOOD GRIEF WOMAN! WHAT DID YOU MEAN BY THAT?

I would give just about anything to see her side of this story written here as well, but for some reason I doubt we will be so lucky. I may have to carry the burden of that mysterious statement for the rest of my days. It's a hell of a mystery indeed, forever tied to one hell of a cum shot!



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