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It Doesn't Make Sense

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Another story from a client.


It doesn't make any sense. I'm generally attracted to women with big breasts. Yet, here was the mere slip of a girl. She couldn't have more than 4' 8". She had blond, curly hair, was maybe 23 years old, and almost flat with tiny breasts. She could easily have been mistaken for a 12-year-old boy, except boys aren't at all sexy like that.

Anyway, I met her at a wedding. I had traveled to the Florida coast for the wedding of a remote cousin, and there was Sammi. The second I saw her, I couldn't take my eyes off her. Why? I don't know, but she was suddenly the sexiest thing I had ever seen. There were like 30 guests all staying in this big old mansion, and she was in the room across the hall from me. I kept bumping into her - on purpose - trying to make small talk or whatever. She was kind of, I don't know what, maybe coy, shy, or something.

On the second night, a very warm, humid night as they can have in Florida, I heard a sudden scream from her room. I ran across, and knocked on her door. "Everything alright?"

"No," she answered back. "Please come in here."

So, I opened the door and went in. She was kind of wiggling on the bed, evidently trying to see her own lower back. And, as it took me a second to realize, she was stark naked!

"Something bit me! Please look at my back."

What an invitation. Or at least it would have been in other circumstances. I looked where she indicated, and found a small red spot right at the top of her beautiful butt crack.

"It's nothing," I reported.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, let's look in your bed to make sure there isn't some critter still there."

She stood up on one side of the bed, with me on the other, and we pulled off all the sheets, finding nothing. We then put the bed back together. I enjoyed seeing her tiny breasts, almost just little pink nipples, and shaved smooth pussy crack. I didn't see any inner labia sticking out. I was starting to imagine what was to come next. I was thinking I'd have plenty of opportunity to see and feel her pussy in great detal quite soon. It was inevitable that we'd be kissing and fucking before the night was over.

"Does it still hurt?"

"No, it just itches a bit."

"Lie down on your stomach," I commanded.

It was just now starting to dawn on me how amazing this was. The most amazing woman in the world, totally naked in front of me. And, she didn't seem to mind. Maybe she tended toward exhibitionism, or maybe she was just brought up very natural, thanks to her parents.

Anyway, without a word, she did as I said. I gingerly reached out and touched the red spot at the top, and slightly to the left side of her butt crack. I wasn't sure if it would be good to scratch her itch or not.

"Iiieee, scratch it," she demanded.

OK, I did just that.

She said, "Yummm," kind of unexpected for scratching an itch.

I decided to press my luck. You see, I'm a sucker for the female anus. Oh, I mean vaginas are great, but I really love seeing girls' butts. So far, it has been mostly in pornography. My ex-girlfriend always wanted to 'do it' in the dark so I couldn't really see anything. Maybe that's one reason she's my ex. Anyway, I started scratching lighter, but also lower, partly into her slightly sweaty crack. By now, my cock was pressing firmly against my shorts. I don't know whether she noticed. In fact, laying face down like that, I don't think she did. I'm pretty certain she didn't realize what effect she had on me.

"Yummm," again. OK, she was digging it! Cool! I continued on, just kind of massaging my first two fingers into the upper portion of her crack.

Then, after a minute, to my absolute delight, she reached back with both hands, and spread her skinny, little, milky white butt cheeks apart for me. For me! Well, I guess for her, too, since this was a clear invitation to do something more. I slowly, ever so slowly, teasingly, worked my first two fingers, with a very light touch, down to her remarkably tiny, slightly pink asshole. You know how most people have an inch around their anus that's darker? She didn't have that. It was milky white skin, right to the edge of the hole itself. That was the only pink area.

Finally I touched the middle of her anus very lightly, and it was obvious that she loved it. I retreated, licked my index finger making it as wet as I could, and then returned to her ass, very slightly inserting it into her tiny puckered little butthole.

I had got my finger into the first knuckle then she quietly said, "That's enough." Not apologetically, or anything else, she just told me that's as far as she wanted to go. She wanted to get some sleep. With that, she got off the bed and escorted me to the door. No thanks or anything. Just "Goodnight."


And that was it! Weird, eh? I went back to my room, and of course I jerked off like crazy. I never got her number, and never saw her again.



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