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When I Was 14......

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A fantasy? Possibly, More an aching desire that I needed to have fulfilled for me. 



Warm, sultry, humid, and cloying night. I discarded my PJs, and the single sheet covering me long ago, and let the night carress me.

Every part of me felt so alive, from my small budding breasts, to the light down of pubic hair.

My mind, as alive as my body wandered through erotic scenario after erotic scenario. Boys.....their dicks.....their cum.....fucking.....fucking me......but no. I was far too scared of that back then. 

On my back, my feet planted by my bum, and my knees wide apart, showing the velvety night that secret entrance. A cathedral of love already weeping it’s benediction onto my sheet. 

I love my scent and my taste. Creamy. Slightly tangy, but always erotic. My mind flowed over my experiences like the ghost of Passover. My boyfriend, our kisses and fumbling anywhere we thought we were safe from prying eyes, my older sister who I know has a full and active sex life with her boyfriend. We are close, she and I, close enough for her to share her experiences. 

My mind wanders over her body. Her C cup boobs with the pierced nipples that mum would go mental about if she knew. Her shaven pussy. I can’t wait to grow mine, yet she has shaved hers off. Her vagina....pussy.....quim.....cunt.....call it what you will. 

I imagine her on her back, her boyfriend stretching her wide with his cock. Him pounding her before finally spurting deep inside her. What does that feel like? I’ve made my boyfriend cum, so I’ve seen a boy spurt, but does I feel different when it’s deep inside? Does the moment of tearing my hymen hurt? I don’t know....yet.....but this night, oh I need something. 

I stroke myself. A few exploratory touches. Hmmm, yes, I’m every bit as wet as I thought I was, it ,y head won’t settle on Male images. Am I a lesbian? I wonder what it’s like to be kissed there by another girl? As this thought Ross around my head like thunder in the distance, my fingers find their way, unbidden, to my clit. 

I wonder what it’s like to be kissed there by one who knows not only the anatomy, but the complex process of female arousal? What is it like to have another girl’s vagina inches from my face? To smell her scent? To kiss her thighs before, at the moment of orgasm, to lift ones head from the pillow and push my tongue inside.? 

I;m fidgety. I can’t settle to my orgasm like this. Tonight, I need something more. I get up and walk naked through the house to the bathroom. I find the laundry hamper and I’m looking for a pair of my panties. Instead, I find a,pair of my sisters and the most shocking thought occurs. What if I use hers? 

I lock the bathroom door and lie on the carpet. Again, my legs spread wide. Again my fingers in play. Oh I’m so wet! 

I hold her panties to my face and breath in. I don’t want to think of my sister. Instead, I think of a girl at school. Jenny. Everyone fancies Jenny. Rumour has it she is bi, well, tonight she is. 

I smell the panties deeply, and again that heady rush overwhelms me. Jenny’s panties. Jenny’s cunt. 

Im close. 

I stick my tongue out and in a moment of absolute abandonment, I lick the cum stains. Almost instantly, I feel the orgasm start. I jam the panties between my legs. I want my cunt to be where hers was. I want my wetness to mingle with hers. I cum, and cum, and cum. An endless cycle of contractions that are both exquisite and gut-wrenching. I’ve never cum this hard before. 

The panties are wet. Have I peed? I don’t care. 

The last echos of the orgasm roll away and I lie spent on the bathroom floor.

Back on my bed, I relive what I just did. The nagging doubt won’t leave me. I was thinking about Jenny, yes, but there’s no getting away from the fact that I used my sisters’s panties. 

The thought sets off another twitch in my clit. 



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