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Oh, my lovely sister.


I barely felt my bed sag as she got into it, and I barely woke as her arm passed around my waist. What was it, I wonder, that finally prized me from my dreams? Her touch? No. That had yet to begin in earnest. Her physical presence next to me, then? Again, no. She has slept with me before. Since well before puberty first brushed its gentle lips against either of us. 

Perhaps her scent? Yes, undoubtedly that was a part of it. A subtle change in th air around me, a headiness, a deep, primal sense of expectation triggering. Triggering what? My desire? Hers? 

In the end, it was one word spoken with such unfathomable tenderness, yet the word itself hung on the air raw, and demanded attention. Jayney could always convey her intent to me with a single word, and how she uttered it. Tonight, that word pierced the night, and pressed itself between my legs.


In that single moment, I knew that my sister wanted my body, and more. That she wanted me to dominate her, to treat her like a worthless slave. There for my satisfaction and mine alone. 

I rolled over, and kissed her gently in the lips. The kiss in and of itself an acceptance of her unspoken need, and an assurance of my love for her underlying the passion that was to follow. I rolled further until I was on top of her, my hands still cupping her face. I pulled away from our kiss, and looked my sister deeply in her eyes. I returned the word as both acceptance and an entreaty for permission.


Jayne was naked under me, and I was only in panties and a t shirt. I slipped the t shirt from my body and used it to bind her hands to the ironwork of my headboard. Then, I stood on the bed over her and removed my panties. They were hot, sweaty from having been worn all day yesterday, and wet from my having masturbated in them. I held them before kneeling again over my sisters tummy. I fingered the panties, looking for the crotch and the wetness therein. Once found, I placed it to her lips. "Suck me, bitch." She kissed the material almost reverentially, but that was not my command. A sharp, stinging slap across her face. "No! I said fucking suck it, cunt!" This time she took the material into her mouth and I heard the sharp hissing intake of breath. Her pupils dilated as she became full of the scent of my cunt. Yes, my cunt, this time. Not my quim. 

I reached behind myself and felt between her already open legs. My God, she was wet. I repositioned myself, squatting this time, rather than kneeling and assumed a position that gave me enormous pleasure as her nipple pushed ever so slightly into my hole. Just the tiniest way, but as surely as the sun will rise, my sister was tit-fucking me. 

I couldn't bear it any longer. I straddled her face, burying my wetness against her lips. "Suck me, bitch. Suck my wet, juicy cunt, you fucking whore!". Jayney went to work with her tongue as I dominated her, calling her names, abusing her as deep within my gut, an orgasm began to seed itself. "Ahhhh yes, you're going to make me cum, you fucking shitbag. I'm going to cum right in your fucking mouth. I might even piss. Would you like that, bitch? Shall I cum and piss at the same time?"

I didn't have a choice, the orgasm hit hard and wouldn't let me go. I bucked and writhed on my sister's face. I felt her tongue everywhere, on my clit, against my peehole, up my cunt, and finally in my bumhole, before she opened her mouth as wide as she could to receive the benediction of my love for her.

In a moment, the mood changed. No longer the violent, aggressive sex, now tenderness beyond words as I kissed down the body of my sister from her breasts, tasting my juices on her, to her vagina. I tasted a salty tang, and knew that she had been fucked recently. His spermicide still fresh inside her. I tongue ducked her gently, probing deeply and sucking her lover from her until, with a series of contractions, she emptied herself, and with it, her lover into my mouth. There was enough of both for me to swallow.

After the waves of our passion were spent, I crawled up into her arms, and we kissed, as we always do after making love. We touched each other, fingering each other to a much gentler, but longer lasting series of orgasms, until finally, we were sated. I threw the duvet over us, and she settled down to spend the night with me. My mouth still had the tang of sperm, and I wanted to know. "whose?" Again, a single word that spoke so much. 

"Our brother. I needed to be close to both of you tonight". 

She fell asleep quickly and was soon breathing deeply. I stroked her hair, and my gaze fell upon my bedroom door. A door I knew I would be going through before this night's end, and a door I would be coming back through in the morning with his sperm inside me too.



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