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Sex Capital Of The World

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Thailand has a reputation, one that it tries very hard both to embrace and hide. Single men travelling can expect some scrutiny around the purpose of their visit, thatís for sure! Yet the famous Thai Ladyboys are everywhere, and bathhouses and massage parlours can be found just by standing still and tuning around 360 degrees.  I donít play away in countries such as this.....my ATPL and my job have been far too hard-won to throw away, but thatís not to say I donít have a pair of eyes and ears.....and a bloody good set of masturbation techniques! 


For example, I can make myself wet as all hell just by what clothes I do or do not choose to wear. I cam cum just by crossing my legs and squeezing my thighs together. I can have a truly intense orgasm by anal fingering, and, like my sister, panty-peeing, especially if thereís some desperation involved, is a sure fire cum waiting to happen. 

But another strong aphrodisiac for me is watching and listening. 

Thereís a man at the bar right now. He is buying drinks for, and getting well into a young girl. She looks to me to be no older than 14 or so, but thatís not the only thing he will find when he takes her upstairs. She has a light, giggly voice, and is oozing Ďfollow me, fuck meí with every body gesture. Shame that Ďsheí is a He.

I caught a quick glance up Ďherí indecently short dress when she crossed her legs just now, and her perfectly shaven cock and balls were there. She has small, tightly formed tits, and you know what? If this guy doesnít run screaming from the room, s/he will give him a really good time. 

The thought of what they will do makes me horny, and I sit sipping my drink and feel myself leaking into my panties. I have a white cotton dress that I always pack for ho countries. I can wear anything or nothing underneath, and it depends how I feel. 

A man sits next to me. Even though Iím clearly not Asian, he asks me in slow, over-pronounced tone if I speak English. For a moment, Iím tempted to fake an accent and see where this goes, but, as I said, I donít need to catch something awful, or loose my job, so I tell him that Iím secret police. He leaves a trail of dust as he runs out. 

The man and his Ladyboy have vanished.....letís see who comes back downstairs first....and how quickly. 

Fifteen minutes....hmm....seems he liked what he saw after all. 

Fuck, Iím horny. Iím going out. 

The heat hits me, along with the humidity, and Iím sweating heavily in seconds. I stand on the street and, ignoring the food peddlers (ever tried fried scorpion on a stick?) I look around. A bathhouse beckons and I decide thatís where Iím going. 

The reception area is so clean itís almost sterile. One thing you can say about these places, they rely on their reputation, and every one competes to be cleaner, brighter, better. A range of scantily clad girls are sitting around on stools and there are a couple of men with them too. Thai men tend to look very young, and, Iíve discovered, are usually clean shaven everywhere. I decide I like the look of one girl in particular. Something about her keeps bringing my attention back to her, then I realise itís her likeness to my sister. 

I pay and the girl takes me to a well appointed cubicle. This place will wash/dry clean and iron your clothes while you have your bath, and my clothes are whisked away as soon as I step out of them. My panties in particular are very wet. The young boy who takes my clothes looks at them and steps away. I hope he finds a few minutes to smell me and have a wank. That thought really turns me on.

Meanwhile, Jai, my lovely little helper has placed me face down on a table and has removed my towel, she massages me with an aromatic oil as her bathrobe, such as it is, slips slowly and sensuously off her lean body. She too is totally hairless. I donít know what they do here, but there is never a trace of razor rash, or stubble. Itís totally smooth. 

Her fingers are highly skilled though. She rubs my back and her hands slip down either side of me. I raise myself a little...just a fraction, and her long fingers arch under me to my tits. She does this a few times, sometimes touching, sometimes not. Then she has me flip over. Standing st my head, her pussy is millimetres away from my face as she leans forward and massages my boobs, m tummy and then my hips. I can smell her. 

The washing and showering take ages, during each wash and rinse, her fingers explore me more. There is an unwritten rule here. You can touch back...if the girl concerned doesnít want you o, they politely take a step away before returning. I let my hand travel up between her legs and she doesnít move. 

Her left hand is between my legs now, and for a few minutes she has been massaging my slit with some kind of oil that has an astringent in it, itís making my clit feel like Iím on fire, but in a good way. Yet another shower, soap, rinse follows. Even though whatever was in the oil has been washed away, Iím still aching for a cum. 

She slips one, two, then three fingers deep inside me and I arch my back in pleasure. I feel her fingers curl inside me to my g spot and I get that familiar ĎI want to peeí sensation. 

I tell you, these people are so well trained. The moment Jai has curled her fingers, I know she can feel my full bladder behind my g-spot. She smiles a beautiful, sexy, cheeky smile. She leans forward until her mouth is touching my ear. There is peppermint on her breath. ďIt OK....you pee.Ē

She makes no attempt to stimulate me into peeing by pressing harder on my g spot, neither does she remove her fingers either. I want to, but I like to hold on too. Meanwhile, my fingers, well, two of them, are deep inside Jai. She is as slippery as I am, and with a tiny flick of my thumb across her clit, I feel her cum softly onto my fingers. There is nothing wrong in these places with giving pleasure as well as receiving it. Everything happens by mutual consent. Seriously, itís amazing how the people who work in places like this seem to know almost by telepathy what you need. 

I let myself pee on Jaiís fingers. She smiles that gorgeous sexy smile as I do.....and returns the favour on my hand. Fuck...how did she know? I LOVE it when a girl does this on my hand...or anywhere else for that matter. 

Iím getting closer and closer. Jai has been building me to orgasm since I walked in here, and she is truly an expert at her craft. I feel her lean over me and her other hand tracks up my tights. My legs are spread wide now, and I wish I hadnít opted for a,private room. (You can do all this in a communal room where others are having the exact same experience, and you get to watch one another.) Jaiís finger tracks over my anus, and I know not to squeeze my bum....thatís a sign for Ďnoí. Instead, I push against her finger just a smidge, and I feel it work itís way into me. Again she does it really slowly, painstakingly, but the slower she does it, the more quickly I want it in there. She pushes until her whole finger is up me, and as I said, she has very long fingers. I donít think anyone has ever fingered my arse that deeply before. 

Iím too close now to hold it much longer. I experimentally touch Jaiís bumhole and she too presses back. I donít get very far. My finger is only half way up her arse before my orgasm breaks free. I cum on her fingers, and I squirt too. I feel Jai have another orgasm and that just keeps mine going for longer. 

She brings me down as gently as I bring a 777 down when Iíve got a medical case on board. She takes her time, attending to each post orgasmic tremble as if it was a cum all on its own. In fact, Iím not sure that I havenít cum more than once. 

A final series of shower, soap, rinse, shower, soap, rinse, and she wraps me up in towels to relax. 

Like many, I doze off. When I wake up, my clothes are on a hanger in a plastic bag. I look at my freshly laundered panties, and I remember the boy who took them. Oh, I so hope he wanked into them. 

I slip them on, along with my dress, and emerge into what I find has become an evening. Iíve been in this place a whole afternoon, but for me, time just stopped at the door.

Regret? Hmm...no, not really....maybe I should have paid a little more, and had one of the men as well. I canít get my mind off that boy who took my wet panties away. The mere thought of him having a quick sniff and a quick wank is really erotic. Maybe I need a cock next time. 

Still, Iím here for three days! 



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