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Wetting Her Appetite

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Visit to an old girlfriend brings the memories flooding back..


The one particular quirk I remember about Emily was her penchant for wetting herself when she was excited. Well, that’s what I was thinking when we met again after rather a long absence. She met me from the station after a train journey west during which I got increasing horny mulling over the things we used to get up to.

She was looking fantastic. New short haircut, tight grey skirt to the knee and shiny blouse accentuating her full breasts.

As she slipped into the drivers seat I glimpsed her stockings which she wanted me to know she was wearing but I had already noticed her suspender bumps..

I watched her sexy arse and the outline of her panties and stockings as she mounted the stairs to her flat. We were all over each other as soon as she closed the door behind us. We just about made it to the kitchen kissing passionately as I ran my hands over her skirt anticipating the present to be unwrapped underneath. My erection was hard against her soft belly. I hitched her tight skirt up revealing her sheer black stocking tops. 

“Did it turn you on dressing up especially for me like this”?

Her answer was to pull me closer to her, grabbing my tight arse. I hitched her skirt up higher revealing her white silk panties contrasting so beautifully with her black stockings. I reached my hand over her silky crotch and found she had already wet through her panties in anticipation. I knew what was coming next. Without bothering to undress her further I pushed her up against the kitchen surface, pulled her panties to one side and entered her in one swift thrust. Emily threw her head back and as her knees began to buckle she let go a stream of urine all down her thighs and over the kitchen floor. She made no attempt to hold back (she must have been full, saving it for me) and with no embarrassment continued to spurt a flood as I fucked her. We were fucking in a puddle on the floor, her shiny black kitten heels covered in her own piss...her panties and hem of her skirt were soaked through and every time I thrust into her another gush spurted out.

I flipped her round and Emily offered me her upturned arse, her skirt bunched up around her waist and her white silk panties now see through and clinging to her bottom. It was time to do some spurting of my own, this wasn’t going to take long...

I held her firmly by the hips and she tilted her arse even more for easy access, so much so that what with all the slippery wetness and her eager opening I actually slid straight into her arsehole. Emily groaned gutteraly and I could feel all the hot spunk I had been saving up for her welling up in my balls. In the absence of my cock she jammed two fingered into her sopping cunt and flooded the floor with more urine as she completely lost control spasming as I emptied my balls up her arse.

Spent, we looked at each other somewhat shamefaced.

“You must think I’m such a dirty slut” she groaned.

“Yes, MY lovely dirty slut” 

“Let’s shower and go to bed.”

We did just that and I noticed with a smile she took a clean towel from the bathroom and laid it on the bed...



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