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From Bad Girl To My Girl

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When I was a junior in high school I was paired on a semester project with a girl who was considered metal head. Lisa was a girl who always wore leather jackets, listened to metal, had a bad reputation and hung out with some thugs. She had dirty blonde hair with too much black eye make up. The teacher paired us together because he didn't like me and thought he could fail me.

Lisa didn't want to talk on school grounds to me because I played sports and was considered a jock. When we first got together it was at the towns library. We didn't chit-chat just worked on the project. When 5:30pm came around Lisa got her things and left. This would happen for about a month. One day Lisa came back into the library mad, because her mother wasn't waiting for her. She called home and her mom told her the car had a flat and to walk home. Walking home was about four miles away (two towns go to one high school). I told her I would take her home. After a few seconds Lisa said whatever. When we started to drive Lisa hit play on the tape player and she was amazed when Metallica was singing. She looked at me and asked was this mine. I told her of course, I have been listening to them since middle school. Lisa responded by telling me she never knew and what were some other bands I listened to. I pulled a case from under my seat and showed her. There were five other heavy metal bands I was into and she really liked that. We talked about music the rest of the way home and when I dropped her off she said thanks and gave me a kiss on the cheek. We both looked at each other and then she ran into the house.

We started to get along better and sometimes talked at night. One day while in class she asked if we could go to her house and work on the project. Instead of asking why I said ok. She met me at my car and a few of her thug friends came over to see her. When they asked why she was talking to me she replied he's cool and lay off. When they didn't Lisa told them I listened to metal and I was cool. They backed off and we left. She told me they were just looking out for her and they are harmless.

When we arrived at her house we went into the basement and started to work. After about an hour we took a break. Lisa put on the tv and we watched a few videos. She asked if I was seeing anyone. I told her no and repeated the question to her. She laughed and told me no. When I asked why she laughed she responded by telling me her family had a bad reputation in town and she was considered a grease monkey or metal head. Lisa then asked me if I considered her either. I told her honestly I used to but not anymore. When she started to cry I told her I was sorry to make her feel bad and would leave. Lisa said don't because she had feelings for me and wanted me to stay. I told Lisa I did like her but didn't know how she felt.

Lisa looked up at me with her make up running and I kissed her. She pushed me away at first, then kissed me again. We made out for a few minutes, when her mother opened the basement door and asked if I wanted to stay for dinner. After calling my parents I did stay over for dinner. Truth be told she was a grease monkey. During dinner Lisa's father told me he owned two garages and she did work at them pumping gas during the weekends. Her father also told me he fixed classic cars on the side and made a lot of money doing it. Her parents explained they had money but didn't show it off. I saw her family in a whole new light. After dinner we went back down stairs and instead of working we made out.

We were kissing and grinding on each other and I had major wood going on in my pants. At eight I had to leave and Lisa walked me to my car. As we were saying good bye she grabbed me and said very nice and ran back into the house. I had major blue balls all the way home and needed to jerk off badly. I went up to my room locked my door and stripped. Just as I was going to start the phone rang. It was Lisa. She told me she was so turned on she had to take a shower and pleasure herself. I moaned and told her I was about to do the same. She told me to go ahead and do it while she was on the phone. So with one hand I was playing with myself. Lisa told me she stripped naked and then she took off her panties as they were sopping wet. She then went to the shower and took down the shower head and guided it to her love nest. She turned the head to back rub and placed the head on her clit and had an orgasm in seconds. I was so turned on my hand was going a million miles a minute that I shot my load in about 30 seconds. I moaned and Lisa told me I must have cummed. I told her yes and she sighed that she wishes she could have seen it. We both laughed and said good night.

We had a good time together from that point on and finished the project early and both received a B. The teacher told me he wanted me to fail but changed his mind when he realised the two of us were hitting it off so well. During the summer I worked out during the morning for football and worked for her dad in the afternoon. Lisa and I would work together and always had a fun time. The guy who was manager of one of the garages caught us fooling around and told her dad. Lisa's father invited me over the next night to have a talk. We went out to the garage on their property and he asked me to help him drive a car to his main garage in town.

While we were driving he asked me to be honest with him. I told him ok. He asked if we were having sex. I told him no. He pulled over and asked me again. I told him we just kissed and touched each other but that was it. He said he was once my age and didn't want anything to happen to his little girl. If we were going to have sex use a condom. I looked at him and he went on to say Lisa likes you and so does my wife. Don't get her knocked up. I said no problem and we started to drive again.

Lisa and I decided to go down to the beach for a few days and rented a room for four days. Now Lisa knew I was a virgin and made jokes about it, but I started to think she was also a virgin. When we went into our room there was a king size bed. I jumped on it and Lisa laughed at me. She started to get her bathing suit out and go into the bathroom. I said just get undressed here. Lisa got very quite and I told her for every piece she took off I would too. So the shirts came off and she had on a black bra. Then the shorts and she had on black underwear. I was in my boxers and they were in full tent mode. Lisa came over and pushed me on the bed and then started to kiss me. We were making out for a while when I unhooked her bra. Lisa had small tits but nice large nipples. She covered up, got up and turned her back to me.

I asked what gives. Lisa told me she hated her tits and this is why she never let me see them. I told her I loved them and her and to come back over to the bed. She asked me why I liked them. I told her they were a mouthful and I wanted to suck her nipples. After a few seconds she dropped her hands and I went to town on them. I sucked them, flicked them and even pinched them. Lisa laughed and told me I was so weird. Lisa ended up on top and we were still in our underwear. She pulled down my boxers. My dick sprang up and Lisa started to jack me off. I moaned and almost came. When I got close to cumming she let me jerk myself off and cum all over my chest and hands. After I cleaned up I asked when was she going to get naked. Lisa laid on the bed and told me to take them off for her. I was hard again and slowly pulled them off. Lisa had hair above her pussy that looked like she had trimmed it. I put my fingers between her legs and started to rub her gently. She moaned and I started to finger her. Soon I was getting into it and after a few minutes Lisa had an orgasm. After she cooled down she told me that was her first by anyone. We went for a swim and relaxed for the afternoon.

After dinner we went for a walk and Lisa said she had a surprise for me. We went back to the room and Lisa told me to get undressed and get into bed. She grabbed a bag and went into the bathroom. Twenty minutes later Lisa came out. Her hair was wet and blonde. No more dirt she said. She had no make up on and was wearing a teddy. I told her she looked great. We cuddled until we fell asleep. The rest of the days there we had fun morning, noon and night. We did a lot of different things, in the shower and in the ocean. We had a great time.

We were together until we went to college. I went to Florida and Lisa went to Boston. The miles were too far so we decided to break up until the summer. When I went to her parents house after school was over they had sold the garages and moved to Boston to be closer to Lisa. I was never able to get her number. At our ten year reunion someone told me Lisa was married with three children.



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