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Watching Someone, With My Panties

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Ok, so you all know I've done a lot. Hell, Ive done it more than most. But still it appears that I can be surprised. A little background.  I've had a rough time recently. My airline and I had a heart to heart. They pointed out that they paid a shitload of money to train me, not only for long haul, but also for the left hand seat. I immediately wanted to go back to short haul.  I must admit, flying pissed Holliday makers to and from Majorca, Spain, and Greece did feel a little like being a bus driver with wings. I also missed the far-flung destinations.  Anyway, I make it a point never to get down and dirty with crew. Being a captain, one just doesn't do that kind of thing. However, that's not to say I don't hook up with crew from other airlines from time to time. This happened last week in Sydney.


I noticed another young woman with four bands to her epaulettes, and four rings to her jacket. I won't say which airline she flies for, for obvious reasons; nor will I reveal her real name here. Instead, let’s call her Kim.

Female captains are less rare than we used to be, but young ones are still like stepping in do-do shit. It doesn't happen that often. So, when I saw her in the crew hotel, I made a point of chatting to her. 

Kim was very newly qualified for Captaincy and, like me, she gets some shit from men who haven't made it to the left-hand seat, but have been flying longer. We had a good talk about that over dinner and, since we were both grounded for three days, a bottle of wine helped the conversation.

We spent the entire evening talking. When we'd scoped out aviation, airlines, chief pilots, training, simulator checks, and all the other stuff pilots talk about we started on our second bottle of wine and talk turns to boyfriends. Kim has one, although I suspect not for much longer. He, it seems, has been playing around since Kim got promoted. Shifts, flight rosters, and all that goes with it, fucks up relationships. Trust me, I know. 

So, inevitably when two girls get together, sex reared its head. Like me, periods get royally fucked up when you cross time zones and fly around the sodding planet. I learned that Kim likes sex a lot, masturbates regularly, especially away from home, and hates the fact that she can't put a small vibrator in her flight case. 

By now I was getting mellowed out, and horny. 

I tentatively broached the subject of other girls. Kim leaned forward in her chair and said, "You know, I really don't know. When I was 14, I had a real crush on another girl at school. I would masturbate thinking about her, but I never approached her." I asked if she'd ever done anything with another girl. She went very thoughtful for a moment and said, "No, but sometimes, well, sometimes I think I would love to try it. But I don't know if I could, actually, you know, go down on another girl." 

By this time, I was getting very antsy, and very wet too. 

So, I said, "I understand what you mean. It's a big step and you wouldn't want to get up close and personal and then run for the hills. That would make the other girl feel awful." I paused, “But there is another way. Have you ever masturbated using another girl’s panties? That way, you'd get her scent and you'd know, if it ever came to it, whether or not you could lick a girl for real." 

Of course, she immediately asked if I'd done that. I had to be honest with her and told her I go both ways. 

There was quite a long silence while she thought about what I'd said. Finally, she said, "Yes. I could do that. In fact, I'd like to do that, ummmm, I'd like to do that. Now?" It was a question rather than a demand. 

I reached up my skirt and pulled my panties down and held them out for her. Then, I got up and turned towards the door. "No," came a voice from behind me. “Please. Stay? I, er, like being watched."

So, I settled back in my chair and watched Kim as she tentatively held my panties, smelled them, and finally found the sweet spot. She hitched her skirt up and put a hand inside her own panties. I saw her eyes close as she worked herself. Her tongue flicked out and licked my wetness. I couldn't resist any longer and I spread my own legs and masturbated with her.

From time to time, she opened her eyes and looked at me, then she took her panties off. She didn't offer them to me though (fuck!) but she did show me the most beautiful cunt I've seen in a long time. It had perfectly proportioned outer lips, tiny, almost non-existent inner lips, and a lovely clitoris. Boy, was she wet! I could see the cream leaking from her hole as she smelled me. It took enormous willpower not to sit between her legs and lap it up.

Kim was writhing in the chair and twitching from time to time. Finally, she said, "Ohhh. I'm going to cum." I got to see her orgasm, which was accompanied by a nice little trickle. Whether it was pee or girl cum, I don't know. I came almost immediately after her. 

So, we sat there, half slumped in our chairs, legs open, looking at each other's pussies. 

I wasn't going to break the moment because I had a feeling we might not be done yet. 

"Er. Could it, that is, maybe I could, " she paused.

I said, "Kim, if you want to, that's fine. If you get there and change your mind, that's fine too."

She knelt between my legs and I felt her breath on my wetness. Then and soft kiss on my mound. She paused, then another kiss that was longer and slightly lower. Then, I felt her tongue on my clit. I tried desperately hard to sit still and not jerk. Her tongue got bolder as she explored between my lips and finally probed my hole. Her cute little nose was on my clit as she tongue-fucked me. I had to tell her, "If you keep that up, I'm going to cum. I might squirt too."

For a second she stopped and I thought I'd blown it. Then she went back to her work. My orgasm ripped through me like a hurricane. And yes, I squirted. A lot. Kim's face was covered and so was her shirt. "Did you pee on me," she asked.

"Honestly? I don't know. Sometimes when I cum like that I squirt, but yes, sometimes I lose control and pee. Sorry." 

Kim smiled and said "You know. Either way, that was fucking horny."

Then she asked me to do the same to her. 

She tasted fresh, almost virgin-like. Sounds like a weird expression, but anyone who has gone down on a virgin knows their taste is different. Kim was no virgin, but her taste was light, flowery, and innocent. Licking her out was an utter pleasure. But what made her cum was when I used my tongue on her bum hole. No one, it seems, had ever done that to her before. She came violently.

Of course we spent the night together, and had sex three more times. We also showered together. Kim even plucked up enough courage to ask me if she could pee on me. 

I've noticed this happens a lot with the other women I've been with. I think it may turn out to be quite common for girls to pee when they cum; especially in their early years when they first start having orgasms. Some girls always let a little pee out. When we're being fucked, especially from behind, the cock is hammering our g-spot, which is right behind the bladder. Well, that's the physics of it, but there's also something about peeing as a sexual act for a girl that is different. Perhaps it’s naughty, anointing, or maybe territorial? I don't know. All I know is that when it happens, I love it – both giving and receiving. 

Kim turned out to thoroughly enjoy the two-out-of-three days we spent together. We went out with no underwear on, fingered each other in public; I even sucked her off in a changing room in a store She sucked me off in a public lavatory. 

A shame we couldn't do it on each other's aircraft. 



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